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20 Pageboy Haircuts for Women in 2022

Page hairstyle appeared unexpectedly. At the fashion show in Paris with Christian Dior, the models took to the catwalk all with the same hairstyle. It was a hairstyle taken from centuries past, worn by the page boys of kings. It was an accessory for fashion models’ outfits, but the unexpected happened – the hairstyle became popular.

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The hairstyle seems to be simple, but effective and requires a well-experienced master since it is a hairstyle of the highest complexity.

Women have always dreamed of a neat haircut so that it fits easily and keeps its shape, it is practical, but it looks gentle and feminine. The page haircut combines all these qualities. Hair of different lengths is suitable for performing a hairstyle, and it is easy to maintain a hairstyle in good condition.

Page – easily recognizable: outwardly it looks like a chignon; classic outline of the edges; the strands are shortened along one line, forming a single whole of side hair and bangs, as if flowing into each other; the main hair smoothly merges into the side strands.

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Why do women choose the page?

Both everyday and festive page hairstyles can be easily and simply styled, practically without spending time on it. If the haircut is done correctly, then its shape will not depend on weather conditions. Beautiful bangs and straight edges suit many women. The expressiveness of the eyes and lips is accentuated by the perfect cuts.

For a page haircut, the color and length of the hairdo do not matter. Any painting technique can be used. The page can be styled in different ways, the strands can be styled by combing them back, the volume can be made larger.

There are some restrictions in choosing a page hairstyle: damaged, thin hairs. A page is a smooth hairstyle with noticeable volume, poor hair condition, smooth strands will be emphasized.

To choose a suitable option for yourself, you need to consider its types, and how it is done.

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Types of haircuts

  • A short hair page is a classic. Hair length ranges from open ears to slightly above the chin. Hair rolled down with a hairdryer accentuates a stylish look, which will be trendy if the ends of the hair on the bangs are profiled. A short page is comfortable and practical, and unusual styling or atypical bangs will add variety to your haircut.
  • In the new season, experiments with bangs will become a trend. Thick long bangs that smoothly merge with the general contour will remain out of any competition. Unusual bangs, slightly trimmed with feathers, or profiled ragged edges will look stylish.
  • A page on medium hair, with a length from chin to shoulders, will round up the hairstyle even more, which will look gorgeous with long bangs that blend smoothly into the side strands.
    This hairstyle is ideal even for thin hair, as it visually creates a feeling of additional volume that is absent in straight haircuts. The haircut adds femininity to the image, a romantic charm appears. In the 2018 season for medium hair, stylists offer a classic with a modern touch, thinned sparse bangs. Hair color without sharp contrasts, from light blond to chocolate shade. The elegance of the image can be emphasized with spectacular coloring. A shoulder-length page will go well with short French bangs and longer options with brow bangs.

short curly hair short pageboy haircut shoulder length curly bob stacked short curly bob undercut short curly stacked bob

Haircut technique

The cutting technique is quite simple, it can be performed in the same type, without special skills.

  • The hair is divided in half, combed to lay down smoothly.
  • At the crown of the head, in a circle, we take a control strand 1.5 cm wide and cut it to the length we need, twist it, and fix it with a clip.
  • Comb the hair on the face.
  • We release the control strand and select the next circular strand from the general hair, around the control strand, its width is also 1.5 cm.
  • We apply it to the control and cut the same length + 3mm.
  • Similarly, select the next strand, and cut the length + 3mm from the previous one.
  • And so we cut until we cut all the hair.
  • Having combed your hair, you need to make sure that everything is cut evenly, if there are errors, they are eliminated by trimming the ends along the contour.
  • If your hair is too close to your face, you can shorten it by making your bangs straight.
  • At the beginning of the haircut, when the length of the control strand is calculated, you need to check whether the hair will close your eyes, and depending on this, select the radius of the hairstyle.

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