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20 Two Buns Hairstyles for Women in 2022

The bun is one of the most beloved hairstyles by many fashionistas. It is simple to perform, but it can make a lady’s image more innocent, flirtatious, and gentle. Fortunately, there are many options for implementing it. For example, it is worth highlighting two charming bunches formed from one head of hair. This decision looks very bold and positive. Let’s take a closer look at how to make a couple of beams on the head at once, and who these original solutions are suitable for.


A bun is a trendy hairstyle that has not gone out of style for many years. Nowadays, such styling is famous for being very easy and quick. Moreover, there are many beam variations. Ladies have the opportunity to choose the best option for any occasion. It can be either a daily trip to the city or a trip to work or even a solemn event. However, there are such types of this hairstyle that will emphasize the insolence, courage, and cheerfulness of the lady – these are two charming bagels located on the edges of the head.

cute two buns hair half up space buns short hair double buns

Two beams are a versatile solution. Cute and playful horns are often made for the holidays and are worn in everyday situations. It is possible to make a spectacular and original styling of this type on the hair of any type and structure. The procedure itself usually takes a minimum of free time. You also don’t have to use a lot of expensive styling products.

Two bunches located on the sides are a timeless solution that is unlikely to ever leave the fashion ranks.

Even though this hairstyle in implementation is very simple and straightforward, to create it one should take into account some important rules, without which a good result cannot be achieved. So, if there is a naturally long “swan” neck, then it is advisable to make the bunches not high, but lower. If the young lady is of modest stature, then it will be possible to make bunches of medium hair – on long strands, bagels can look disharmonious and even ridiculous.

space buns short hair with bangs dreadlocks two buns

It is worth noting the fact that young ladies who wear two bundles on their heads are never left unattended. This interesting and original hairstyle attracts attention since it is far from boring and monotonous solutions that one has to contemplate on city streets every day.

Who are they suitable for?

The pretty bunches on the sides of the head look impressive and expressive, but not all young ladies go well. It is very important to know if such solutions are suitable for you if you are going to depict them on your hair. Let’s take a closer look at who can do this reckless hairstyle.

  • Ladies, who by nature have a graceful long neck and an elongated face, can make a variety of beams, including very tight varieties. They are usually attached in the region of the crown or back of the head. The optimal solution in such conditions is beamed with slight negligence.

hairstyles for girls

  • If the lady’s neck does not differ insufficient length, then the existing drawback can be effectively compensated for by high-quality beams. In this way, it will be possible to hide certain shortcomings of the lady’s appearance.
  • If the young lady is naturally tall, then you can make high beams. However, it is not recommended to create them too lush, otherwise, the appearance will be strange and disharmonious. The bagels should be secured as tightly as possible.

two braided buns cute hairstyles for short hair

  • A square or oblong face is not the best companion for a tall beam. With such a face, it is recommended to lower the bagels lower so that the image is more harmonious and attractive.
messy space buns
space buns with braids in front
  • To hide certain flaws in appearance, it is permissible to use various variations of this stylish hairstyle. For example, many girls resort to leaving a few strands in front free, without pulling them into bunches.

messy double buns natural hair two buns hairstyle


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