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80s Hairstyles for Women in 2022

The eighties of the last century are characterized by a huge number of experiments. Music, fashion, literature – everything was overwhelmed by a wave of creativity. Pop and rock stars, movie actors were role models, and any fashion trends were immediately transferred from the catwalks to the streets and became elements of street style.

Craftsmen sewed dresses for themselves like the heroes of their favorite TV series “Santa Barbara” and “Dynasty” and looked no worse than movie stars, despite the lack of choice of fabrics, outfits, and opportunities. Women’s 80s hairstyles are as varied as they are interesting.

It is not for nothing that after three decades, the fashion for them (in a modernized and improved form) has returned. After all, it was a decade of absolute creative freedom. New, sometimes grotesque, exaggerated forms, volumes, colors were invented.

One of the hallmarks of 1980s women’s hairstyles is variety. Neither in the 1960s (the era of bouffants, “Babette” and thickly made-up eyelashes) nor in the 1970s (the time of long straight hair, divided into a parting) there was no such thing, there was always a single trend. The period from 1980 to 1989 gave us the “Aurora” – the iconic haircut of the decade, the page-style hairstyle, the most fashionable “sessun”, “mallet”, “cascade”, perm, “she-wolf”, “rhapsody”, “Gavroche”, high tails (sometimes overhead) and even (in the late eighties) – a shocking mohawk.

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It should be noted that the period of the greatest “riot” both in fashion and in makeup and hairstyles began in the post-perestroika period in 1985 and gained momentum until the crazy nineties. Until 1985, everything in clothes and haircuts was much more modest and conservative. After perestroika, Soviet women saw fashion magazines – not only “ours”, but also foreign ones. Names such as Valentin Yudashkin and Vyacheslav Zaitsev appeared in Soviet fashion, inexpensive and bright plastic jewelry gained immense popularity. In clothes, the emphasis shifted to the shoulders, a clear waist was no longer obligatory, and if there was a desire to emphasize it, this was also done with the help of an exaggerated wide belt.

  • “Cascade” is the most popular hairstyle, a symbol of the “disco” style. Performed on medium-length hair. At its core, the hairstyle is a straight and torn “ladder” with a short-cut crown and top. Open temples and ears are required for this haircut. Strands can be laid in different ways – left straight, curled on curlers or curling iron, combed, and fixed with varnish. If the volume of the hair was not enough, after the haircut, a perm was performed, filling the gap. Rarely did anyone go with straight hair without a pile, since the hairstyle required volume, which could be given either by a thick head of hair from nature, or this very pile from the roots to the very ends.
  • “She-wolf” is one of the modifications of the “cascade”, and it is universal for both women and men. The haircut is named because of its resemblance to the scruff of a wolf. It gained immense popularity after 1985 due to its aggressiveness, which gave its owner assertiveness and strength (of course, visual). A distinctive feature of the “she-wolf” is a large number of thin milled strands sticking out along the entire length of the hair.
  • “Aurora” – a haircut, like the “she-wolf”, popular with both women and men. It is carried out based on a cascade, the hair is short in front and on top, and on the back, it is lengthening. The “Aurora” is characterized by smoother lines than the cascade.
curly 80s short hair
  • High “hedgehog” – a fashionable hairstyle, which has become a softened version of the mohawk that appeared a little later. The hair in the temporal and occipital parts was cut short and combed vertically upward, while in the frontal region it was left a little longer. This made it possible to both curl a curl in front and comb it. The whole structure was fixed with a thick layer of varnish, otherwise, it would not have lasted long.
  • “Sessun”, “hat” and “page” are united by us for a reason. All of them are performed in almost the same way, with a perfectly straight line. What are the differences? Sessun assumes that the bangs are cut in a semicircle shape, and the hair is slightly shorter from the sides than from the back. A page-style haircut provides for both straight bangs and all other hair. The hairline goes as if continuously, in an even circle. A hairstyle with a “hat” opens the neck, while the hair is about the same length on all parts of the head.
80s curly hair short 80s hairstyles 80s shoulder length hair naturally 80s curly hair pixie cut
  • Mallet is perhaps the most iconic haircut in the history of the 1980s. Only desperate fashionistas dared to her, not afraid of public censure. The crown of the mallet was cut short, and the hair on the rest of the head grew to the shoulders and even to the shoulder blades. This is how rock musicians, popular singers, Hollywood actors, and ordinary people (mostly young people, of course) cut their hair.

The right accessories

Voluminous hairstyles in the spirit of the 1980s. need the right framing. More than enough clothes, inspired by this decade, are now on sale, including mom jeans, banana trousers, oversized pullovers, miniskirts, and leggings. However, some details form the whole image. These are unusual accessories for hair – elastic bands, ribbons, headbands, as well as sunglasses that complement the ensemble, and, of course, large and bright jewelry. Let’s dwell on each point in more detail.

70s short curly hair 80s bob hair

The eighties – the time of “plush” hairbands, headbands, originally intended for aerobics, laces woven into pigtails. All this should have bright “acidic” shades. Hair can be styled, and covered with a gauze scarf on top, wrapped in the manner of a turban – this is also very fashionable. The “right” sunglasses for a girl from the 80s are the “aviators”. After the release of Top gun, starring Tom Cruise, the aviators were wildly popular. If this model does not suit you, take any smoky glasses that cover half of the face, it will also be very in the spirit of the eighties.

The jewelry of that bright decade is now experiencing a real boom. Vintage brooches, clips, rings of leading fashion houses, appearing on sale among collectors and connoisseurs of that period, are sold like hotcakes among fans, despite the significant cost of jewelry. Their beauty, relevance, and relevance are beyond doubt. As for inexpensive, so-called mass jewelry, which is sold in chain stores, underground passages, on Internet sites, it is even more in demand due to the modern fashion for such accessories and due to their budget cost. A pair of plastic earrings will cost you inexpensively, while it is thanks to them that the image will be completed.

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