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Belle Hairstyle Tutorials for Little Girls 2022

Belle is one of the most beautiful fairytale princesses! Since the original film was shown in our cinemas, we have now completely fallen for Belle fever and her adorable looks! You too? Then you have to try this beautiful Belle hairstyle, which is guaranteed to bring you a little closer to the princess dream!

What you need for this:

  • 2 hair ties (thin and thick)
  • 2 large bobby pins
  • Hairpins and clips
  • 1 style comb
  • 1 yellow satin ribbon
  • Straightener or curling iron

disney princess

Belle hairstyle: Step 1

Draw side parting. Separate left and right sections of hair with the help of a stylus comb and fix with bobby pins. Also, divide a section at the top of the head and tie an initially loose pigtail with any hair elastic.

easy princess belle hairstyle

Belle hairstyle: Step 2

Secure the upper section of hair with a second, thick hair tie (it acts as a bun cushion and makes the topknot look more voluminous at the end). Then pin it with one or more hairpins so that the braid protrudes upwards.

belle makeup

Belle Hairstyle: Step 3

Tease the braid vigorously from below.

belle beauty and the beast

Belle hairstyle: Step 4

Now comb the top hair of the braid smoothly so that no more hairs stick out and the braid falls harmoniously over the hair tie.

belle hair cartoon

Belle hairstyle: Step 5

Use a yellow satin ribbon. Place this carefully around the teased hair and secure it below the braid with some bobby pins.

yellow dress belle hairstyle

Now loosen the hair clips on the side of the hair and curl your hair with a curling iron or straightening iron.

village belle hair

Belle hairstyle: Step 7

Fix the curly side sections just like the satin ribbon underneath the braid with bobby pins. Twist in the top hair of the braid a little at the level of the fixed band and pin it too. Let the satin ribbon ends hang loosely in the length of the hair.

belle hairstyle for short hair

Belle hairstyle: Step 8

Finally, loosen up the loose hair with your fingers or, if necessary, carefully comb through without breaking the curls.

belle hairstyle emma watson

Voilá! Your Belle hairstyle is right. Now all that’s missing is the right outfit and then the ball or party evening can begin! 

step by step belle hairstyle

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