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Afro Woman Haircut for Short Hair in 2022

Sometimes indomitable and difficult to maintain, frizzy hair is a real challenge. Long, mid-length, or short, they too deserve a beautiful hairstyle worthy of admiration! Regardless of the length of hair, the afro woman cut is making a comeback. On the catwalk and in the street, stylish women proudly display their frizzy hair. Connected to the 70s, the afro woman cut is making its comeback on the red carpet and a daily basis. The proof – in the image gallery below!

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Much more than a haircut, the afro woman cut is a real symbol. Hot lately, we wear it proudly to assert our identity and character and to break stereotypes. Curls, locks, crest, straightening – there are many ways to style unruly afro hair. To each woman her afro haircut! Whether you prefer wild volume or tamed hair, the afro shortcut is for you! Still not sure about getting your hair cut? Take a look at our selection of photos and you will change your mind!

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The afro woman cut is very chic and sophisticated! Worn in a short plunging square or an xs version, it has the advantage of clearing the neck and highlighting the neck. As for the style of an afro woman cut for short hair, it comes in many forms from vintage and rock to glamor and ultra-modern.

Have you ever heard of the Nappy style afro woman cut? The combination of the words “natural” and “happy” gives the term “Nappy”. This look is all about taking on your frizzy hair naturally. We, therefore, put aside straightening and hair extensions. The nappy look proudly displays a short and rock afro woman’s cut, slightly bulkier on the top of the head. We can also display an afro ball version revisited according to the length of the hair.

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Often, we underestimate the range of hairstyles that can be achieved on short hair. But, when you’re out of ideas, you can take inspiration from the stars who never lack the imagination to sport glamorous short haircuts and shine on the red carpet.

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The afro woman cut xs version is a pledge of a sexy and sensual look. The xs mane highlights the features of the oval and thin faces. A little boyish and feminine at the same time, the very short afro woman cut releases the neck and gently emphasizes the wearing. Nothing like an afro androgynous cut like this to show off your strong character and stay true to your taste.

low maintenance short natural haircuts for black women

Ideal for daring women, the afro woman cut, shaved head version has something to charm! Adopted by models who have worn it successfully, this super cropped cut is perfect for thin and oval faces. It should be avoided at all costs if you have a round or square face.

round face short natural haircuts for black females short hairstyles for black women
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Do you have short frizzy hair but are stuck for ideas on how to show it off? If you’re not ready to take the plunge and adopt the xs cut, why not go for the bob? Timeless and easy to wear, the short bob is one of the most popular hairstyles, regardless of hair type and length. Smooth, layered, plunging, asymmetrical – each has its short square! The good news – this cut is suitable for all heads!

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Many women with frizzy hair go for straightening to sport a stylish and super sleek afro cut. Smoothing is a good option but we must not forget that it tends to weaken the hair fiber. The “nappy” style, therefore, remains the ideal alternative to display natural hair. The right products allow you to develop supple and more disciplined curls.

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Depending on the length of the hair, you can make small twisted buns at the top of the neck. Another alternative would be to accentuate the volume of the top of the head by braiding or twisting the strands of the top of the ears. To accessorize her short afro woman cut, you can count on a headband, a headband, a scarf, or certain jewelry such as combs or barrettes.

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