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Asymmetrical Haircuts for Short Hair in 2022

A few seasons ago, asymmetric haircuts came into fashion, and to this day, they remain one of the TOP trends in the beauty industry that do not give up their positions. Asymmetry in hair is the choice of those women who are bored with monotonous images. Such ladies love to attract the attention of others and always stand out from the crowd.


The world-famous English stylist Vidal Sassoon invented an asymmetrical haircut for short curls. Since then, the haircut has undergone some changes; today, there are a large number of its exciting and stylish varieties. Asymmetry can be shaped both as part of a haircut (for example, beveled bangs, elongated strands, styling on one side) and as part of the whole bow. A similar haircut can be found on the street and the catwalks; it is chosen by very young girls and ladies of elegant age. The secret of popularity lies in the versatility of such a hairstyle, ease of styling, and scope for self-expression of the owner.

chubby face asymmetrical haircut edgy asymmetrical short hair

Asymmetry is often done on medium and long hair, but it has received incredible popularity for short strands.

It is no secret that such hair splits less often; it is easier to care for them. Hence, the hair always looks flawless – this is very important because an asymmetrical haircut draws attention to the hair so that any curl problems will be especially noticeable. It is unlikely that you will find short strands overdried with a curling iron and a hairdryer because such haircuts always have a neat and well-groomed appearance.

asymmetrical bob asymmetrical haircut

Advantages and disadvantages

Asymmetrical haircuts have many advantages compared to classic hairstyles for short hair:

  • successfully solve the problem of split ends;
  • give the hair a healthy, strong, and neat look;
  • visually add volume and splendor to the strands, even when the hair is thin and weakened;
  • if the hair is too thick, then with the help of thinning, it can be given the necessary shape, facilitate combing and styling;
  • optimal for mature ladies, hide the age-related changes that have begun, and shift attention from the face to the strands;
  • allow you to successfully hide all the flaws in appearance, soften the angular features;
  • look harmonious with bangs and without it.
  • Among the instead conditional shortcomings are noted:
  • some decrease in the degree of femininity;
  • limitation of styling options – such hair cannot be collected in a ponytail, twisted into a bun, or braided braids;
  • if you want to change the haircut, you have to wait quite a long time until the mop grows back;
  • asymmetry into short strands as it grows becomes noticeable almost immediately. Therefore it needs frequent correction.

edgy short pixie cuts low maintenance asymmetrical pixie cut

Who will suit?

An asymmetrical hairstyle does not have clear rules since asymmetry can be performed in any way – individual strands or bangs are lengthened, whiskey rises, and the volume is fixed on one side. That is why hairstyles look harmonious on ladies of any appearance. Everyone can choose the version of asymmetry that will suit her. But several contraindications will become an obstacle to such a shock design.

  • Inflamed facial skin – any asymmetric haircut focuses on the face because all the flaws are immediately visible: vascular network, acne, age spots, scars, and inflammation. The same applies to the condition of the teeth and the color of the tooth enamel. In any of the above cases, you must first perform all medical and hygiene procedures, and only after the situation improves will you contact the hairdresser.
  • Excessive thinness – in combination with asymmetrical strands on the head, a thin female figure is strongly associated with a teenage boy. This often leads to problems in his personal life. However, this minus is somewhat relative.
  • Excess weight – increased body weight can also be a reason to refuse an asymmetrical haircut. Too short hair, in this case, visually violates the proportions. So, the head begins to seem too small compared to the shoulders and chest, which only aggravates the situation.
  • A floating contour – a smooth flow of the chin into the neck from nature, as well as changes in the oval of the face due to the onset of the aging process, allow asymmetry only with long hair, on shortened ones, all these shortcomings, on the contrary, attract unnecessary attention and worsen the perception of a woman’s appearance in general.
  • A long nose, a massive jaw, and an elongated face are considered a contraindication for ultra-short hairstyles – in this, such strands should be at least 2 centimeters longer than the chin line.

edgy asymmetrical pixie pixie short asymmetrical haircuts


Among the most stylish options for asymmetry for short hair, this season is the following.

Asymmetrical bob

This is one of the most popular haircut modifications, which can be done several ways. For example, the hair can remain longer on one side, or the strands are cut with layering on top of each other. Such hairstyles look spectacular on the coat of absolutely any structure – both straight and curly.

curly asymmetrical haircut asymmetrical short hair one side longer

Hat with asymmetry

The first haircut was introduced back in the 60s. of the past century, but today it is again at the top of popularity and in a rather extravagant and unusual interpretation. Today, in the TOP, the hair is designed on the sides and in the back of the head in different lengths or the creation of irregular geometry throughout the head. Bright accents in such a hairstyle are achieved due to shaved temples – these styles are suitable for the fair sex with high cheekbones and an elongated face.

asymmetric cut edgy asymmetrical bob short

Asymmetrical pixie

This option evokes persistent associations with Audrey Hepburn, who embodies all the best ideas about a naughty, playful, and incredibly sexy woman. In this design, the ears and neck remain entirely open, but the strands on the top and back of the head are made elongated; due to this, even the thinnest curls seem more voluminous.

lopsided haircut medium length asymmetrical bob

Kare with asymmetry

This is a stylish hairstyle that involves lengthening on one side. The style is trendy among many celebrity fashionistas – at different times, Keira Knightley, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Lawrence preferred this hairstyle. No less in demand is another hairstyle design option when the strands near the face are made shorter than the strands on the back of the head – this style visually rejuvenates the woman, making her more fresh and toned.

undercut asymmetrical bob asymmetric hair

Ultra short haircuts

All sorts of asymmetrical hairstyles, combined with a short hair length, are in demand. Usually, in this case, an elongated asymmetrical bang is made out. This option has not gone out of fashion for many years and is considered one of the simplest and most effective methods to change your appearance. Even if the haircut is complemented by shaving the temples, the look remains feminine and quite harmonious.


Otherwise, this hairstyle is called a “tomboy,” which is the best match for the look created with such a hairstyle’s help. The haircut is done based on a bob, while neatly trimmed strands of different lengths look scattered over the head. Tomboy looks great on faces of absolutely any shape, suitable for thick and liquid hair. The undoubted advantage of the haircut is the ease of styling – all that is needed is to wax the strands and ruffle them with your hands, creating a slight mess, and then dry with a hairdryer.

assymetrical short hair long pixie cut

Stylists note that the tomboy has a pronounced anti-aging effect because the haircut is trendy among women aged 30-40.

Model with swirls

Owners of curly hair can also arrange asymmetry on their hair, but it is better to avoid short bangs here if possible. Of course, in this case, it will not be possible to achieve clear graphic lines, but unevenly distributed curls are fraught with their unique charm.

short hair styles inverted bob


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