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Short Spiky Haircuts for Over 60 in 2022

Trendy short spiky haircuts for women over 60 are fiery and energetic with a retro twist. Spiky cuts flaunt a youthful glow by canceling out harsh facial lines. It is an avant-garde twist on the classic pixie haircut.

Harold Guadalupe, a hairstylist from Riverview, FL, explains, “It’s for older women who prefer easy-to-style haircuts with a bit of attitude. Short haircuts can make us feel exposed, so it’s vital that you feel confident.”

Guadalupe shares that this cut’s versatility in upkeep and styling is challenging. “It’s hard to find ways to smooth some areas and spike certain areas simultaneously as hair grows,” she says. “A detailed cut needs undivided attention, daily styling, and frequent salon visits to maintain its shape.”

Check out these popular short spiky haircuts for women over 60 for inspiration before your next trip to the salon.

Short Spiky Pixie for the 60s

Add a short spiky pixie for 60-year-olds to your list of haircuts to try.

It’s a low-maintenance spiky haircut that’s styled simply with a medium hold hair gel twisted and pinned into place for a fresh and fun look.

choppy messy short spiky hairstyles

Short Spiky Pixie for Women Over 60

Consider rocking a short spiky pixie for women over 60. Enhance your next hairstyle with a rock star-inspired short haircut that’s a fierce stopper. Use a volumizing mousse to blow dry forward and up, then finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

fine hair short spiky haircuts for over 60

Younger Looking Spiky Pixie for Short Hair

When trying a younger-looking spiky pixie for short hair, opt for an extra short textured pixie haircut to lift your face and look ten years younger.

There is no need to hide behind your hair with this haircut. Cut it short on the sides and add texture on top to bring focus to the eyes and cheekbones.

youthful hairstyles over 50

Edgy Pixie with Spikes for Women Over 60

An edgy spiked pixie for women over 60 is a great style option. For women with fine or thinning hair, this look offers a statement.

Pixie haircuts for short hair are low maintenance in terms of styling. Schedule haircut appointments every six weeks to keep your cut looking perfect.

fine hair messy short spiky hairstyles

Spiky Pixie Cut for Older Women

A spiky pixie cut for older women is easy to style. Add some edginess to the haircut. Short cuts are perfect for older women as they require little to no maintenance.

Cutting the hair with a razor ensures that the hair has some extra textured strands.

messy spiky pixie cut

Youth Short Spiky Pixie

An old lady should give this short, spiky young pixie a try. This cut is layered in the back with graduated side layers and a textured fringe.

Pair it with cool highlights to show off the angles in the haircut and style it with straight sides and a textured crown.

short spiky haircuts

Classy Pixie Cut for Women Over 60 with Glasses

You can’t go wrong with a stylish pixie cut for women over 60 with glasses. This shortcut

offers long layers and more movement than the classic pixie haircut.

It allows you to tuck your hair in by bending your ear.

It can also help hide the temples of your glasses if you must wear glasses. You can pin or curl this cut.

low maintenance messy short spiky hairstyles

Short Spiky Granny Inspired Pixie

Try a short spiky granny-inspired pixie. This cut is a modern take on a classic spiky pixie hairstyle.

Techniques such as a razor cut, a sharp cut, or texturizing scissors can be used to create those wispy, broken ends. Try a spray wax for a soft hold and textured lift.

edgy short pixie cuts

Short Spiky Pixie Haircut for Women in their Sixties

A short spiky pixie haircut for women in their sixties is a fun style to explore. Spiky haircuts are created with the right styling products.

Start with a root boost when hair is damp and blow-dry, then use your favorite texturizing spray to add texture and height.

pixie short spiky hair

Classic Spiked Pixie for Mature Women with Glasses

Try a classic spiked pixie for mature women with glasses to highlight your haircut and your glasses.

Take your spiky pixie cut to the next level with high-contrast highlights for extra flair. Style this cut with a stronghold wax or pomade.

short choppy hairstyles for over 70

Funky Spiky Pixie-Bob for Women Over 60

Try a funky spiky pixie bob for women over 60. Explore the full version of spiky pixie hairstyles.

It is a good haircut for women with natural texture or curls to add volume and waves to the classic style. This cut looks good styled soft and loose, with curls or spikes.

medium spiky haircuts for over 50

Low Maintenance Spiky Pixie for Women Over 60

When looking for short hairstyles, consider a low-maintenance spiky pixie for women over 60.

Blunt cut for added volume and styled back for added height. This haircut is cropped above both ears, making it a good choice for an older woman who wears glasses.

pixie haircuts short hairstyles for fine hair over 60

Messy Pixie with Pointed Toe

Consider a messy pixie with a spiky top if you are looking for short spiky pixies. Ask your stylist to shave the front, smooth the edges, and trim the top for broken ends.

You’ll love this cut whether you’re pinning it up, curling it, or going for a straighter version.

low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hairthick hair short spiky haircuts for over 60

Gray pixie with a pointed tip

Go with a gray pixie with a spiky top if you look for classic spiky hairstyles for women over 60 with gray hair.

Ask for a clipper with 5 or 6 guards on the sides, a blunt round haircut on top, and a matching fringe. Try a strong hold hairspray to keep your new spikes in place.

fine hair short spiky haircuts for over 50

Salt and Pepper Spiky Pixie Cut

Enhance your look with a salt and pepper spiky pixie cut. When you talk to your stylist, ask about short sides.

Cut it longer in the center on top with a ton of texture. Comb the top part by blow-drying your hair towards the center, making this cut a lovely spiky hairstyle.

fine hair short spiky haircuts

Choppy Pointed Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

Try a choppy spiky pixie cut for women over 60. Getting older doesn’t mean your style has to be out of style and boring!

A choppy pixie is a great option to add fullness and boost your sass with maximum texture and bounce.

pixie haircuts for over 60

Spiky Pixie for Short Hair for Older Women

A spiky pixie for short hair for older women is a good option. Make it easy with a stress-free, out-of-the-box micro pixie haircut.

Of all the short spiky pixies, this sassy cut gives you the most freedom with the least amount of maintenance.

messy short spiky pixie cuts

Very short pixie for older women over 60

When looking for a very short pixie for older women over 60, try this symmetrical 1-inch all-over haircut.

It is a simplified pixie cut intended for women looking for a wash-and-go version of spiky pixie haircuts.

women's short spiky haircuts

Simple pixie with a pointed tip

Go for a simple pixie with a spiky top if you want short haircuts. This cut is a good option if you are looking for a versatile haircut. Wear it for fun, curl or style it for a sophisticated finish.

fine hair short hairstyles for over 70 with glasses

Spiky Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Try a spiky pixie with wispy bangs if you want a fun look with quick and easy styling. It is a fun short hairstyle that screams that you are a nervous and confident granny. Mix some firm hold gel in the back, comb your bangs to the side, and voila!

low maintenance hairstyles for seniors with thin hair

Layered pixie cut with the pointed tip.

Stand out in a layered pixie cut with a spiky top. Whether you have thick hair or suffer from hair loss, this is a good option if you’re looking for ease without sacrificing style. Style with a pomade or try a volumizing power like Design Me Puff Me.

edgy hairstyles for over 60

Shorter Spiky Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Consider a shorter spiky pixie cut for fine hair. Try a straight spiky pixie haircut if you are struggling with thinning hair. Use a volumizing lotion before blow-drying to create extra volume to your tresses.

senior citizen low maintenance hairstyles for 70 year old woman with glasses

Short Spiked Pixie for Fine Hair

Rock a short spiked pixie for fine hair to get all the fullness and height in your hair. Short hairstyles for sixty-year-olds with fine hair don’t need to be worn as neat and look great tousled and textured.

super short spiky pixie cuts

Short Spiky Pixie Cut with Bangs

A short spiky pixie cut with bangs is ideal for women over 60 with short hair who want to make a bold statement. To achieve a pixie for short hair, ask your stylist to cut the sides short, using a clipper, leaving the top part a little longer and disconnected at the sides.

hairstyles for over 60 round face


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