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Short Haircut Ideas for Women over 50 in 2023

The choice of different haircuts today is wider than ever. The best option can be chosen by ladies of all ages. So, women after 50 are offered a large number of attractive hairstyles that can make the image more stylish and modern. Today we will analyze in detail which haircuts are suitable for older ladies and what their features are.

youthful hairstyles over 50

short hairstyles for over 50

A haircut for women over 50 years of age should be special. She should not only fit perfectly into the existing style and image but also make the lady a little younger. That is why it is so important to correctly choose not only the hairstyle itself but also the hair color. The harmony of the female image also depends on the latter. After all, for example, colorful green or blue shades here usually look ridiculous and undignified, but the same chocolate tones can turn out to be very successful.

It is important to consider the structure of the lady’s face when choosing the right haircut. The right hairstyle can divert attention from many imperfections, such as noticeable wrinkles.

fine hair thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles

After 50 years, it is still permissible to resort to all sorts of experiments in images. Of course, we are not talking about creating a mohawk or long dreadlocks with colored weaves. For older women, all experiments and new experiences should be careful and balanced, since there is a high risk of creating an image that is not entirely harmonious. That is why stylists advise ladies of this age category to consult with hairdressers before any changes, who will be able to direct them in the right direction.

Ladies in their 50s can turn to a wide variety of haircuts and colors. At this age, it is not forbidden to decorate curls with fashionable highlights. Spectacular cascades or multi-layered haircuts will also be useful here. There are a lot of options for decorating your image.

edgy short pixie cuts

Fashion trends

Modern-aged ladies can choose for themselves beautiful and feminine haircuts that will refresh their image and throw off a couple of years. Especially relevant today are attractive and neat haircuts that are performed on the hair of medium or small length. Such solutions noticeably rejuvenate their owners, and they do not require complex and daily care, which pleases many young ladies.

Modern fashionable haircuts for short and medium hair fit seamlessly into any image of older women.

It can be both business and a festive ensemble. A trendy bob-car, a solid and at the same time flirtatious pixie, or an original garcon looks charming on such ladies.

pixie short hairstyles for over 50

The trend of recent seasons is the color of hairstyles, close to natural shades. With such paints, you can easily hide gray strands, which often noticeably “age” the image.


The classic graduated bob nowadays is chosen by many women who want to effectively emphasize their expressive cheekbones and chin. And this is a good decision because it is the indicated components of the face that this hairstyle attracts special attention.
hairstyles for over 50 and overweight short hair for older women

In many images, the classic square looks great. This hairstyle is rightfully recognized as one of the most common and popular. With or without bangs, the square looks attractive, making its owner younger.

choppy pixie cut over 50

Particularly impressive women over 50 look square with a neat side parting. It is permissible to process the ends of the lock with scissors so that they look more aesthetically pleasing and well-groomed. Layering is not needed here. The classic square should be distinguished by even and smooth lines.

In a classic square, a torn effect is acceptable. With such an addition, a lady’s look may seem more original and stylish. Bangs can effectively hide some of the flaws of a woman’s face. It is recommended to mill it at the tips. But keep in mind that it will look good only if the rest of the hair is thick enough.

A classic hairstyle for women over 50 is the trendy bob. If you choose the ideal length of this haircut, then it makes it possible to divert attention from wrinkles on the neck or too full cheeks. In the traditional version, such a hairstyle is done, by observing symmetry. The line below the chin is then made even.

short haircuts for women


Stylish torn haircuts look harmonious on older women. With the help of such a hairstyle, it becomes possible to give the image an unusual style and originality. In the right execution, any ragged haircut will attract a lot of attention.

low maintenance hairstyles for 60 year old woman with fine hair

Torn haircuts are good not only for their original appearance but also for simple styling. A shape such as a hairstyle will not take much time. That is why ladies of all ages choose this fashionable solution so often. Transitions in ragged haircuts are often made smooth and gradual, but sharp “steps” are also acceptable – in both cases, the hairstyle turns out to be attractive. There are a lot of variations of bangs and lengths.

pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses

low maintenance short haircuts


“Hedgehog” is a simple and unpretentious haircut that does not require complex and everyday care. It is light in execution but looks decent. It is thanks to its practicality and non-triviality that the “hedgehog” has become popular among ladies over 50.

You can make this haircut both on short hair and on the top of your head. Less often, women turn to the first option. In this case, the minimum hair length remains, which is why the young lady will not be left without attention for sure.

But stylists recommend such a decision only for those women of fashion who have an ideal figure and neat facial features.

layered bob for fine hair over 50 over 50 short hairstyles short spiky haircuts for over 50

Creative haircuts made with such an unusual technique are suitable for ladies of all ages. The main thing is to choose the right option for yourself, which will emphasize the dignity of the face and figure, but will not draw attention to the existing shortcomings. If there is a desire to turn to this hairstyle, then it is advisable to first discuss this issue with a stylist or hairdresser.


Not every woman chooses only classic solutions. Some young ladies after 50 prefer to turn to more daring and creative hairstyles. For example, the famous actress Kim Cattrall considers a hairstyle curled into charming curls to be very successful. This solution is not very common, but it looks very feminine and coquettish.

Ultra-short haircuts look bold and creative on women of fashion over 50. For example, it can be fashionable and beloved by many pixie young ladies. There are so many variations of this hairstyle – choosing the perfect option is not difficult. The pixie may well be as short as possible when the strands are shortened both in the bangs and behind. Such an interesting and bold decision should be addressed if the head of the hair is thick and has a good volume.

Interestingly, older ladies looking for multi-layered haircuts. Those are always very expressive, most often they are made with bangs. The latter should not be left too thick – it is advisable to turn to thin or trendy torn strands. Such a haircut can make a lady’s image not only more feminine but also to some extent aristocratic.

A fashionable bob looks creative on women over 50, where a voluminous top and elongated lower strands are provided, which most often go down slightly below the cheekbone line. Based on the chosen image, the transition of length can be both sharp and smooth.

feminine pixie cuts

Of course, there are many other creative solutions. Constantly there are more and more new ways to give the hairstyle a beautiful and original shape. Ladies of age can choose for themselves both original novelties and timeless classics – it all depends on personal preferences.

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