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Top Trendy Women’s Haircuts in 2023

Hello, little beauties! Have you decided to start the new year with a bang (no reference to any hair color, I promise) by completely changing your mind? We can only approve of this idea. Even if you look great with your current haircut, a little hair refresh is always nice. So that you are at the forefront of trends, we have found the women’s haircuts that will make the headlines next year. Two seconds while we draw the scissors and let’s go!

The curtain fringe

Everything is in the length of the fringe: too short, it is no longer a curtain; too long, it becomes degraded locks. The curtain fringe has remained an unbeatable classic for a few years that has proven its worth. This cut will certainly allow you to pick up your childhood crush at the reunion of your primary school alumni.

medium hair cut for girls

The side parting

Obviously, this “old Hollywood” cut is best suited to voluminous and textured hair, but afterward, everyone can give free rein to their desires. In any case, this cut will make you look incredibly stylish. Don’t be surprised if someone stops you at the pharmacy to ask you for pictures afterward.

shoulder length hair

The fringe on the side

If we had been told that the cut of our adolescence would one day be fashionable again, we would not have believed it. But it must be said that well done, it has its charm. You could almost be tempted by this cut which brings originality, charisma, and elegance.

layered hair

The square with a fringe

What’s nice about this cut is that you can choose the length of your bob, but also the style of bangs you want to go with it. A tailor-made cut to match the incredible person that you are.

long hair cut for girls

The plunging square with a baby-bangs

Yes, even five years after the release of the first season of La Casa de Papel, the Tokyo Cup is still as popular as ever. The perfect fit for robbing banks and living on an island paradise (don’t do this).

feather cut

The shag cut

This cut between the degraded and the mullet, very popular in the 70s, is currently coming back to the delight of people who do not have time in the morning. The signature disheveled effect of this hairstyle will save you at least 15 minutes every day. So tell us, what are you going to do with all that free time?

low maintenance medium length haircuts

The shaggy bowl cut

The short variant of the shag cut. As with the long version, it works best on wavy, curly, and curly hair, but you may very well be the exception to the rule. In any case, this cut will give you an extreme presence that will make all your colleagues want to give you their snacks every day.

long layered hair

The butterfly cut

Gabrielle Solis’ reference cut in Desperate Housewives. Needless to say, we really like the return of that 2000s vibe.

The pixie cut

Back in fashion thanks to Emma Watson in the Lancôme and Prada pubs, this boyish cut is THE trend for the coming year. So yes, for those with long hair, you’ll have to take the plunge and say goodbye to your lengths, but it can be an opportunity to donate your hair to associations (and completely change your mind).

hair cut ideas

The mixie cut

For those who are not ready to cut everything yet, you can try the mixie cut which is a cut longer than the pixie without being a mullet. That way you won’t be too hot in the summer but you can still shake your beautiful mane on the dancefloor at your cousin’s wedding. Too practical.

front layered haircuts for long hair

The Birkin Fringe

Shorter than the curtain fringe, this tapered fringe short in the middle and longer on the side will be at the top of the hype, thanks in particular to Jenna Ortega and her character from Wednesday in the series of the same name. Yes, it will be everywhere but we know that you will wear it better than everyone, there is no doubt. And besides, it is suitable for all hair types, curly or straight, so what more do you need?

short hair styles women

The Diana Cut

The release of season 5 of The Crown revived the fashion for Princess Diana cut, also known as the “mushroom cut”. Obviously, we prefer the first version which makes us want to drink tea all day and call everyone “darling”.

medium length hair trends

The Rachel Cut

Yes, yes, as you can imagine, it’s a reference to Rachel Green’s iconic cut in Friends. Varied gradients on different lengths, a little volume, and presto, people will want to shout “We were on a break!” ” in the street.

lob haircut long bob haircut

Italian bob

A real square that barely touches the shoulders, to blow dry to make the tips turn inwards. Be careful, this cup can make you want to drink Apérols on the terrace and taste good margaritas.

medium length hair trends for women

The Parisian bob

A tad shorter than its Italian counterpart, the Parisian bob lowers the tips right down to jawline level. Again, all the interest of the cut is in the tips facing the face. And the little extra is that it’s just as beautiful on straight hair as it is on curly hair. So yes, you will have to be careful while eating, but with such a splendid cut, you will have no trouble finding someone who will agree to fly you to every meal.

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The Wolf cut

The name speaks for itself, this cut mimics a beautiful wolf coat. This tasty mix between a shag cut and a mullet cut will certainly sublimate curly hair. And I promise, if you do, you won’t be found screaming at the full moon.

youthful hairstyles over 50

La Clavicut

You’ve probably already guessed it so I’ll give it to you: “clavicut” is a contraction between “clavicle” and “cut” to cut, in English. This long bob, which therefore stops at the collarbone, is perfect for those who do not want to cut their lengths too short and like to keep their parting in the middle. In short, a frighteningly effective classic.

cute haircuts

The Bardot Cut

The Brigitte Bardot of the 50s and 60s continues to inspire us with her iconic cut. Quite close to the butterfly cut, it will be more suitable for fine hair which, as we know, is a real hassle to style. We think about you!

wolf cut

Assumed loops

Not too soon yeah! Curls, crimps, and waves are finally back in the hair news and it’s nice because we were tired of burning our hair at 250° every morning with a straightener. So now, we dare the afros, the big cascades of curls and hair that curls in the rain.

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