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The Most Stylish Short Women’s Haircuts in 2023

The owner of luxurious long hair is sophisticated, but fashion is changing and in 2023, many women prefer stylish women’s haircuts for short hair, and this is a sign of courage and self-confidence! A short haircut looks very stylish, visually rejuvenates, and refreshes the image.

Stylists on the latest fashion trends

In 2023, no cardinal changes in trends are expected, however, haircuts will become more daring and outrageous, and the latest stylish novelties are bright original colors. You can get acquainted with the latest trends and choose the right hairstyle by looking through fashion magazines with photos.

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Square has been famous for years, suitable for any face and hair, and compatible with many styling options. The Square looks very feminine and especially attractive if you add volume to the hair at the roots and curl the curls.

long pixie cut


The pixie comes from the 60s and is also capable of becoming an adornment of absolutely any face. It is characterized by short strands in front and behind, elongated – at the crown. Pixie perfectly emphasizes facial features, making them more expressive; especially goes to girls with thin elongated faces and owners of oval faces with expressive features. This is a great solution if a woman wants to add confidence to her image.

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This is a good old classic. It may seem that this haircut looks like a bob, but the bob is distinguished by short hair at the back of the head and elongated strands near the face. Bob is suitable for any woman, and especially for those over 40-50 years old, because it visually rejuvenates. The bob is worth paying attention to those who want to emphasize the beauty of the neck – the image will become more refined and delicate.

bob short hair


This word is familiar to many, translated from French means “boy.” Thanks to Coco Chanel, this haircut became a trend that is still relevant today. Garcon is not recommended for girls with a square or round face; the image will lose its femininity. A glamorous or romantic look is well suited to such a hairstyle.

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Cesson is distinguished by a semicircular bang, smoothly turning into the rest of the length. This hairstyle is suitable for women with straight hair and perfectly complements retro looks; Ideal for those with a round face shape. Cesson is relevant for those who want to make facial imperfections less noticeable: bangs will hide wrinkles on the forehead and stretch the face a little.

short hair cuts

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This haircut appeared in Europe several centuries ago and was originally male. Now the page is closely associated with France and Mireille Mathieu. With her, rain, wind, and snow are not terrible, and even if there is no comb at hand, it is enough just to straighten the strands so that the hairstyle takes on its original appearance.

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This haircut was also conceived as a men’s one, but now it has become entrenched in the status of “unisex” and serves as an adornment for truly daring and courageous girls. Undercuts are characterized by shaved sides and the back of the head, and long strands at the crown. This hairstyle is relevant for young ladies who have already chosen their style. Pairs well with casual and rock styles.

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This very popular haircut is preferred not only by young girls but also by successful businesswomen. And for good reason, because the hedgehog emphasizes their beauty and bright personality, and some of them choose a rough look specifically to stand out from the crowd. Such a haircut is not whimsical in care – it will not take much time to style, however, such an image must be complemented with makeup and suitable accessories to look feminine. It is better for girls with magnificent forms to refrain from such a hairstyle.

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Graduated caret

This type of square is characterized by short strands, that turn into long ones. It has many options and it is not difficult to choose the right one for the type of face.

bob haircut

A graduated caret is especially suitable for owners of thick hair, but if you add it with highlighting, then the hairstyle will look attractive on less thick strands.

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Double caret

This peculiar two-level hairstyle, where the lower layer is longer than the upper one, is more relevant for straight hair. The lower level can differ significantly from the upper one – depending on the wishes of the girl. Without bangs, this hairstyle will have an unfinished look, so it is required with a double caret.

Layered hair

Short bob haircut

A short bob has long been at the top of the list of popular women’s hairstyles. It is characterized by elongated strands near the face and shorter ones at the back of the head; an elongated or short bang can be an addition. Bob-caret is a very refreshing image, the owner of this hairstyle always looks stylish.

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Short bob with bangs

A distinctive feature of this haircut is clear lines that emphasize the contour of the face and head. This type of caret is relevant for those who are ready to style their bangs every morning.

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