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Long On Top Short On The Sides Haircut for Women

Today, stylists pay much attention to women’s haircuts, creating new unique masterpieces. One of these is hairstyles with shaved temples. Not every lady can try on such a bold image, only the one who always likes to stand out from the crowd and is not afraid to be in the spotlight.

A characteristic feature of the haircut is the bare temporal region of the head. For women, stylists leave the temple not wholly shaved but cut short. The length of the hair will be 2-5 ml. Haircut looks great on hair of different sizes. Ladies with wavy hair can try this option.

girl haircut short sides long top long pixie cut short hair side shave girl thick hair short haircuts tomboy short sides long top female

The width of the bare temple can be absolutely any: a pattern in the form of a delicate strip or a wide one and reach half the hair. You can complement the haircut with oblique or elongated hair near the forehead. Options for hair of different lengths haircuts with bare temples can be performed in various ways. It all depends on what image you need to get as a result: bold or creative, or maybe you need to highlight fragility and femininity. Before you decide to take such a step and expose your whiskey, you need to consider all the pros and cons of hairstyles.

The positive qualities include:

  • gives the image freshness and brightness;
  • attracts attention;
  • highlights all the curves of the female neck;
  • it is effortless to maintain a haircut in the required condition, and you do not need to go to the salon;
  • The styling is perfectly transformed; you need to cover the bare temples with your hair, making an even parting.

In addition to the advantages, the haircut has its disadvantages, which include:

  • the need for mandatory styling and regular adjustments;
  • under such a haircut, you need to choose clothes and makeup carefully;
  • styling with bare temples will attract the attention of others, which is not always positive.


The essence of this styling is that one temple remains short-haired. It can be performed on the hair of different lengths. Shaved whiskey with squares looks very good. A haircut with bangs seems lovely, and the transition to the temple can be smooth or sharp.

thick hair short sides long top female double side shave short hair

On which side should the temple be exposed? Choosing the side on which the hair grows thicker and better is necessary. A toga hairstyle will look more voluminous and stylish. It is worth bouffant the hair on one side to somehow highlight a shaved temple.

non binary haircuts tomboy short curly hair girl short hair long on top ladies

To create a hairstyle, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Comb all the strands carefully shift to one side. Separate a couple of strands from the standard drip, concentrated near the bare temple. Stab them so that they do not interfere with further work.
  • On the remaining hair, create a bouffant fix with varnish.
  • Now you can work with that hair that has been annealed and cover them with a bouffant.
  • Fix the styling with varnish.


This styling assumes the presence of two bare temples. It harmonizes perfectly in combination with short hair or long hair. Symmetrical styling with shaved temples opens up vast possibilities for creating different styling options. It is enough to comb the curls back and make a high bouffant in front.

chubby face short curly hairstyles pixie short sides long top female edgy short curly haircuts undercut side shave girl short hair long on top

Then collect the strands in a tail and a bun, exposing the whiskey. Decorate your hair with a braid. If the hair is short, you can style it with a mohawk. This will allow you to get a shocking image.


Whiskey is not just shaved for a hairstyle of this type, but a pattern or relief is created. Diamonds, zigzags, stripes, and leopard spots are in demand. Girls also choose options when one temple is highlighted with a different shade of hair and a tattoo, which can be temporary or permanent.

short curly side shave short side shave female layered short curly haircuts

Styling with shaved temples is the epitome of fashion and courage. A creative option will always allow you to be the center of attention and show others your originality. To fully match the chosen look, you need to select the right clothes and bright accessories. If you need to get a more colorful image, you need to use complex patterns or tattoos. Coloring is also actively used today. It can be contrasting – whiskey has a darker or lighter shade, bright blue, pink, or purple.

pixie short curly hairedgy short sides long top female


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