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Short On The Sides Long On Top Haircuts for Women

What creative fashionistas go to in search of a new self! In addition to other means of changing the image, they often resort to unusual haircuts, particularly model haircuts with shaved areas. This article will introduce readers to their features, advantages and disadvantages, varieties of readers.


A haircut with shaved areas is nothing more than doing a hairstyle on a traditional basis, followed by shaving a specific area and decorating it with a drawing or tattoo. At the same time, a particular zone is shaved either to zero, or a length of 3 to 8 mm is left. This difference is significant if the master uses a trimmer to create a stylish print gradient. In addition to the fact that the shaved area can be a hedgehog, it can also be more traditional or smoothed.

The uniqueness of shaved haircuts lies in the fact that, depending on the length, structure of the hair, and the client’s preferences, they allow coloring and grading. Due to this, you can beat the age, throw off a few years, or even wholly correct the imperfections of the face.

It is essential to understand that these haircuts draw attention to the neck, which means that fashionistas will have to pay more attention to their skin condition.

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Speaking about the features, one cannot note that a shaved haircut changes mood depending on the woman’s makeup. In addition, she is incredibly capricious to the women’s wardrobe. It would be best to choose your option correctly; otherwise, the image will look ridiculous. For example, such a basis as a mohawk is not the best option since it is entirely unfeminine and even old-fashioned.

One of the distinguishing features of such a haircut is that it is capricious in choosing the oval of the face and the female color type. If you choose the wrong option, you can hopelessly spoil your set and endow it with visual heaviness or roughness. For example, this is not an option for thin and sparse hair that lacks volume. In addition, a haircut with shaved areas demands the choice of the age category of a woman.

double side shave short hair

Who suits?

Creative haircuts with shaved areas or the so-called shaved haircuts have a number of their nuances. They are suitable for owners of hair of different structures and lengths. However, the length will be one of the determining factors in the shape of the shaved area itself.

As a rule, the longer the hair, the longer it is. At the same time, the width of the shaved area can be any; it is not limited to the base of the hairstyle.

double side shave undercut short curly side shave

It is generally accepted that unusual haircuts with shaved areas are the choice of self-confident fashionistas who are not accustomed to looking back at someone else’s opinion. At the same time, we are firmly convinced that age tends to adolescence. Hairdressing professionals prove that women over 30 can afford these haircuts. Today, masters have enough experience to make a woman beautiful without weighing down her image and without making it rude.

Shaved haircuts are suitable for owners of straight and wavy curls. However, it is worth considering that a haircut looks better and more expressive on short hair if the strands are straight. Waves look more harmonious at medium and long lengths.

Afro curls are categorically not combined with shaved temples. It looks rough even at ultra-short length.

When choosing an option taking into account your preferences, it should be borne in mind that a lot depends on the shape of the skull. The shaved area should not highlight the bumps or the flat part of the crown. And therefore, here, you will either have to choose another zone or refuse a shaved haircut. As for the hair color is unprincipled: shaved haircuts look good in the bows of brunettes, blondes, and even red-haired fashionistas.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Haircuts with shaved areas have many advantages:

  • they look spectacular and always attract the eyes of others;
  • with their help, you can refresh the image or change the idea;
  • such hairstyles can be decorated with unusual decor, including tattoos, henna, and rhinestones;
  • shaved areas can be decorated with prints of any theme and complexity;
  • through unique haircuts, you can save an unsuccessful hairstyle or damaged hair;
  • depending on the choice of your option, using the original haircut, you can make facial features softer;
  • for its implementation, you can take different bases, including not only asymmetry but also model haircuts with an asymmetrical bottom line;
  • you can not be limited in the choice of colors and painting techniques;
  • these haircuts can fit into the image of different styles in clothes.

edgy short curly haircuts

However, shaved haircuts also have disadvantages:

  • they may contradict the generally accepted norms of the dress code, which, depending on the situation, can lower their status;
  • to maintain a stylish image, you will have to buy appropriate clothes;
  • you will have to carefully select the right makeup so as not to seem vulgar and not to bring cheapness into your set;
  • it is essential to think over the selection of jewelry, to dose their quantity;
  • these haircuts will have to be styled daily, which cannot be said about “smart haircuts”;
  • effectiveness with hair regrowth disappears, and therefore haircuts need to be adjusted;
  • you can’t instantly change your mind and change your style if you get tired of the haircut: you have to wait until the shaved area grows;
  • the price of this work from a professional is not low, and haircut correction.

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