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Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022


It so happens that the owners of short hairstyles really want to braid their braids. And in fact, there are a huge variety of stylish braids for short hair. At the same time, using different types of weaving and combining different styling, you can make unique hairstyles each time.

French braid for short hair.

The French braid is rightfully one of the most popular and beautiful hair weaves. It is certainly possible to perform it on a short hairstyle. At the same time, you can place such a braid on your head anywhere. You can braid a French braid both on one side of the head and over the entire head, from below or from above. The number of options for the execution of a French braid is limited only by imagination.

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Greek braid for short hair

Greek braiding is possible on any hair, even short. The Greek braid is usually braided around the head. In this case, three strands are separated and a gradual transition from the temple to the other side of the head begins. Thus, the braiding bends around the head, forming an original hairstyle.

Not usually, but at the same time, braids decorated with woven ribbons or accessories, such as a tiara, will look natural.

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Braid waterfall for short hair

A weave called a waterfall is used for both straight and curly hair. Moreover, such a hairstyle looks incredibly impressive and romantic precisely on curled curls.

The waterfall combines hair weaves and loose curls.

In the process of weaving, the strand from the temple is divided into three parts and braided in the form of an ordinary braid. At the same time, at each new turn of weaving, one upper strand is left free. She places her in the lower strands. Braiding continues by leaving one strand and picking up another. You can create a braid up to the middle of the head and not continue further. When creating a styling, you can experiment and weave diagonally.

The waterfall has many variations and is incredibly popular with young girls and girls.

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Braid on bangs for short hair

Braid on the bangs for a short haircut. This hairstyle is incredibly popular and is perfect for those with short hair. Almost every owner of a bang sometimes wants to get rid of it for a while. Moreover, this desire can grow in proportion to the bangs itself.

In order for the bangs not to interfere in everyday life, you can remove it in a stylish braid. Such a wicker will be an indispensable option for girls leading an active lifestyle. Braided bangs will not interfere with sports.

To braid such a braid, you need to select the bangs from the main part of the hair and divide it into three equal parts. Next, an ordinary spikelet is braided by adding strands of bangs.

The finished braid can be secured with a hair clip and an invisible hairpin near the ear. And the tip of the braid will be conveniently hidden behind the ear under the strands of hair.

You can braid a braid on a bang not only with a spikelet, but in any other way of weaving. There are countless options for execution.

cute hairstyles half up half down braids for short hair half up half down braids

Side braiding on short hair.

A defiant, but at the same time feminine look can be obtained using asymmetrical side weaving. This hairstyle creates the effect of a shaved temple and can be done on any hair length.

Weaving starts from the temple in the simplest way with grabs. It is necessary to ensure that the strands are tightly pulled when weaving. You can braid one or more micro braids.

You should only braid up to the middle of the strand, then the braids are secretly fixed with an invisible, elastic band or decorative hairpin. For a more lasting effect, the result is usually covered with hairspray. In order to give the resulting hairstyle more solemnity, you can decorate the braids with decorative hairpins or ribbons.

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A braid around the head for a short hairstyle

You can create an original hairstyle by braiding a braid around your head. You can choose any method of weaving. The braid is braided around the head with a strand grabbing, starting from the temple. In addition, as an experiment, you can create a similar hairstyle using two braids.

The finished hairstyle is secured with hidden hairpins. The ends of the braids are hidden inward.

This styling looks incredibly neat and laconic and is suitable for business women and an office atmosphere.
cute hairstyles lemonade braids beginner braids for short hair

Braid with a bun for short hair.

A braid with a bun for short hair is easier to create than it might seem. If the girl has straight hair, then it will be advisable to curl it. Curled locks give braids an incredible femininity and make the hair look more voluminous.

When creating a hairstyle, first, a bun is formed. In this case, you can use a bulky hair elastic (bagel) of a suitable size. Further, from the hair loose at the face, starting from the forehead, braids are braided. Finished pigtails are fixed on the bundle with invisibility or an elastic band.

To create the effect of lightness or naive negligence, you can release loose curls of your face on the sides.

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