Bob variations

A classic bob suggests a single-length cut. Such a method adds “weight” and volume to the hair, revealing its natural beauty and giving it full radiance. Make sure that bob haircuts make very noticeable any imperfections and defects in the hair structure, especially split ends of the hair.

Today there are many techniques and different types of bob haircuts for women. Short and medium-length bobs with bangs look luxurious on perfectly straight and shiny hair. Depending on your style and face type, the contours of a bob haircut can either be made graphically accurate or soft with light trims at the ends. The most popular variants include elongated asymmetrical front curls, angular bottom contours, and a feathered surface.


Sure, sleek straight bobs are pretty impressive, but messy waves and curls are another styling story that will make you look different and never get bored with your bob. We want to draw your attention to an interesting twist on bob styling when you sand your hair by the roots and weave it into eye-catching curls at the ends.

Check out the ideas in the pictures below for inspiration before your next visit to the salon.

# 1: Curly Bob

Cascading curls are a fantastic texture for a medium-length haircut. Not only do they add a touch of femininity to a shorter dance, but they are also eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to vamp your usual style with curls.

long black bob hairstyles

# 2: Black Bob with Caramel Highlights

Caramel is one of the most beautiful colors against dark hair, and when done well, it is a wonderful sight. On this black bob, the highlighted stripes tell the story of the asymmetrical cut. It’s a story you can’t get enough of, and you keep coming back.

black woman ear length short bob

# 3: Short Layered Black Bob with Thick Bangs

Give your bob some much-needed sass with bangs and layers. These additions will add not only personality but also body and movement to the cut. Throw in some subtle highlights into the mix for even more dimension and style.

black bob hairstyles

# 4: Asymmetrical Style

Bobs don’t have to go the traditional route – there are tons of rebellious versions to try out if you’re looking for an edgy look. This style features longer hair cut diagonally on one side, with the hair underneath cut short. One of the best parts of this cut? It doesn’t always seem that dramatic – the long hair can easily be combed over the shorter section if you need a straight-cut look.

black hair neck length bob hairstyles

# 5: Mahogany Bob with Highlights

Burgundy and mahogany highlights are exceptional in black women’s hairstyles. The warmth of the hair color and the darker skin complement each other perfectly. Keep this in mind when considering new colors for your new hairstyle. Complete your look with smokey eye makeup, and you’re good to go.

neck length black layered bob hairstyles

# 6: Straight and Natural-looking Bob

Bob haircuts can be absolutely no drama as shown without perfection with this style, which is short for easy maintenance and straightened. Disheveled, wavy hair is splendid if you don’t have the time or motivation. Short styles like this make everything flattering and low-stress.

medium black bob hairstyles

# 7: Blonde Bob for Black Women

Almost any color on women in color is a welcome and acclaimed upgrade. It is better to choose a warm palette with shades ranging from golden blonde to a strawberry blonde and light caramel when it comes to the blonde. The look is divine, but keep in mind that it suggests deep bleaching and maybe indicates the health of your hair. Consider a sew if you want to rock it for a while without risk.

black hair neck length bob

# 8: Layered Bob with Red Balayage

Bob haircuts for black women with two-tone balayage colors add another dimension that stops the traffic – especially when the wind blows through your silky locks. Make sure your pigment selection is free.

sassy pixie cut black hair

# 9: Sleek Vintage Bob

A chin-length bob, one of the classic short bob hairstyles for black women, is really timeless. This is an excellent hairstyle for shorter hair, especially during this endless time when it is growing. A few waves and curls give it that special 1920s elegance.

short natural haircuts for black females

# 10: Bob at an angle

An angled, asymmetrical bob looks stunning with both straight hair and curls. Choose a medium-length cut like this one to make the angle sharper and more dramatic. Wavy texture adds shape and body to the style.