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10 Gorgeous Burgundy Hair Colors to Spice Up Your Look

Choosing a hair color is not easy, especially if the question concerns bright, extraordinary colors, including the burgundy range.

The complex union of red and brown colors can arouse admiration. But how to choose a shade, so it looks harmonious and does not drown out your image, taking on a leading role?

plum burgundy hair color

Rubies, expensive wine, and women who know their own worth – such associations are caused by the burgundy color. He is chosen by sensual people, energetic, purposeful, decisive. If a woman is extravagant and temperamental, dark red shades will definitely be present in her image or wardrobe.

The wine color can get rid of blues and cheer up, increasing personal self-esteem in psychology. Do you lack confidence and courage? By dyeing your hair a dark red color, you will definitely attract eyes and not go unnoticed. Burgundy colors can add visual volume, emphasize femininity and originality.

It is a complex color made up of a mixture of halftones. He should emphasize the dignity of appearance and not overload the image. Who is it for, what types?

Most of all, burgundy hair color is suitable for owners:

  • type of appearance “winter” (cold skin tone, black or gray eyes, dark eyebrows);
  • type of appearance “autumn” (beige skin tone, brown or green eyes, red eyebrows).

For the former, preference is given to restrained cold shades, while the latter is more suitable for warm palette options.

The mixture of chestnut and red is most in harmony with the “winter” appearance with dark brown eyes, pale skin.

burgundy dark maroon hair

hair color ideas

Ripe dark cherry

A tandem of chocolate, purple, gold, and reddish undertones will accentuate the beauty of olive skin and dark gray eyes.

dark red hair brown hair color

This palette is very versatile – from deep brown to deep warm burgundy. Usually, women of a more mature age choose it. He gives the image showiness, but at the same time, he is very picky about care and style.

red hair color

purple burgundy hair

Mulled wine

A mixture of rich red with orange and purple strands will also suit everyone’s face.

dark purple hair

brown plum hair color

Wild Cherry

Red, shimmering with burgundy threads, is great for cold types and skin with a pale olive tone.

light burgundy hair color brown light burgundy hair color

Dark ruby

Bloody, turning into pink, then into black and burgundy. It will beautify everyone except spring types.

purple hair color red burgundy hair color


Copper red

Expressive but devoid of aggression, the red-chestnut color with red highlights is ideal for the autumn type. It harmonizes with light tones of healthy skin without any imperfections.

red burgundy hair ombre burgundy hair color

Chocolate red

A brown base with a scarlet tint emphasizing the brightness of the autumn type of appearance. Looks especially harmonious with freckles and green eyes. The advantages include uniform staining and low care requirements.

auburn hair burgundy hair color chart


The colder the type, the brighter the coloration can be. For warmer types of appearance, it is better to limit yourself to purple highlights or pay attention to lavender undertones.

deep plum burgundy hair color brown burgundy hair color

Dark pomegranate

It refers to the dark part of the palette and suits the winter color type. Ideal in combination with fair skin, green/blue eyes.

dark burgundy hair color


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