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Burgundy Hair Colors on Black Women with Natural Hairstyles

Many girls dream of elastic curls-springs, believing that caring for them comes down to manual burst However, this is not at all the case.

Curly hair is often more naughty right. At any opportunity, they strive to get confused, electrified, and turn into just “tegsyafev demon. How to properly care for curly meetings? Experts advise suggesting the following simple rules.

1. Due to the structural features (porous structure, cuticle scales unevenly adjacent to each other), curly curls are usually dry by nature. Hence their constant desire to break and fluff. Therefore, the main point of care for such hair is hydration and nutrition.

Choose shampoos and conditioners for curly hair. If there are none in the line of your favorite brand, feel free to take funds for dry ones. Make regenerating and nourishing masks regularly. These products must contain one of the following components: phospholipids, ceramides, keratin, collagen, as well as natural shea butter, macadamia, jojoba, etc.

Good news: Curly hair can be washed once a week. They do not wrap around the scalp as tightly, and their contact with the fat layer is limited. But drying curly hair should be done with extreme care.

It is best to let them dry on their own. Wrap a towel around your head and lightly blot your hair with it to absorb moisture after washing. Do not rub your head with a towel and never comb wet hair.

To make a beautiful neat curl, apply nourishing oil, leave-in conditioner or serum to damp hair from the middle of the length. Spread the product with your hands and form curls by twisting the hair around your finger.

Hairdryer and straighteners are a serious test for curls. Try to use them as little as possible. In extreme cases, set the temperature as low as possible and be sure to use a product with thermal protective properties. Subject to these rules, the question “How to care for curly hair” will bother you much less often.

A typical mistake of many girls is to take too much styling or caring product. They often stretch and weight the strand, turning it into an unattractive icicle.

Is your hair very frizzy and electrified? Get an anti-frizz serum. It can be used after shampooing or throughout the day as needed.

You follow all the above points, but the question of how to care for curly hair is still unanswered for you? Maybe it’s all about the bad haircut.

Not all masters know how to work with curly curls. But they are not recommended to be milled or trimmed with a razor. The pros work dry with curly strands – this is the only way to predict how the haircut will look. In any case, give up short bangs and try not to cut the top layer of hair short. There is a risk of turning into a poodle.

On curls, split ends are more noticeable. Therefore, they need to be regularly oiled with nutrients and trimmed every three months. Regular visits to the salon are an important point in solving the problem of how to care for unruly curly hair.

Most stylists recommend less combing curly hair or using a rare comb made of natural materials for this (it does not electrify curls). But brushes with thick bristles push strands, so they can be removed away.

As we already wrote, curly hair is usually very dry. So it is better to avoid aggressive staining so as not to injure the strands even more. If you really want to change the color, choose natural dyes or stop at light highlighting.


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