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15 Burgundy Red Hair Color For Long Hair 2021

Today extremes are in vogue: naturalness and all shades of light brown coexist on a fashionable Olympus with deliberate unnaturalness like bright pink hair.

At the same time, the golden mean has been undeservedly forgotten for some reason. And in vain! We will rehabilitate saturated, but close to natural shades, for example, burgundy. It suits so many women. Dare to try?light burgundy hair color long red hair Burgundy is a dark shade of red, essentially a muted red mixed with brown. It got its name from the French region of Bordeaux, famous for its wines. Sometimes burgundy means generally a wine shade, but we would not generalize: Beaujolais, marsala, burgundy, mulled wine – wines have too many nuances, and burgundy is only one of them.long red hairstyle mahogany light burgundy hair color Of course, they are not born with burgundy hair, but this shade suits many girls and, in combination with different color types, looks organic. How do you know what you should try too? It is worth focusing on the shade of the eyes.red hairstyle red hair color The green iris seems to be created for hair in shades of Bordeaux wine. This combination looks bewitchingly mysterious. Blue and gray eyes are not a contraindication for dyeing hair in burgundy, but usually, this combination looks quite “doll-like”. If this is your goal – go for it!

And if a similar effect is not in your plans, dye your hair in burgundy not entirely, but partially, making, for example, ombre or balayage.plum burgundy hair color ombre dark burgundy hair Dark red hair beautifully frames both blonde and tanned faces. At the same time, the skin must be perfect: redness and pimples will make burgundy hair several times more noticeable, so you will need at least an ideal foundation.red long hairstyle two tone burgundy highlights on black hair But do not think to get rid of only them: natural makeup with burgundy hair looks pale. Mascara that matches the shade of blush, beautifully designed eyebrows (of course, not burgundy) – the minimum program.black hair burgundy highlights burgundy red hair color deep burgundy burgundy highlights on black hairstyle deep burgundy burgundy highlights on black hair dark burgundy hair color


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