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Buzz Haircut for Women in 2022

Throughout human history, hair aesthetics have always reflected a person’s identity. Their color, length, type, health, styling, and jewelry carried deep meaning and symbolism. For millennia, and still today, a woman’s long mane has been the ultimate symbol of beauty and femininity. When flapper girls started sporting their hair in short bobs in the 1920scut, they were initially seen as provocative, disrespectful, and threatening to conventional society. Short hairstyles have been originally a way for young women to break free from the restrictive norms and exercise their independence. Today, the bob has long ceased to be associated with rebellion. But what about the buzz cut?

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The buzz cut can be just as feminine and elegant as other short haircuts

The buzz cut is still considered a male hairstyle even today. Every male military recruit’s haircut was given at the beginning of his military training. For obvious reasons too! The concise hair provides a consistent aesthetic, is easy to care for, and prevents the spread of lice in military camps.

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Now, the buzz cut is expanding its popularity even further. He suddenly becomes a symbol of individuality, feminism, and women’s empowerment. Many now see the unusual look as a stance against gender norms and antiquated notions of beauty. If you are intrigued by the subject and want to learn more about the buzzcut, just read on. Today’s article will show you its aesthetic and practical advantages, its inevitable disadvantages, and how to style it yourself.

The transformative power of a buzz cut

Shaving your hair, either at home or with a professional stylist, can have a tremendously transformative effect on anyone, especially women. It can genuinely turn your entire life upside down! A buzz flaunts all the features of your head while also making your face look a lot more defined. Since women with a buzz cut are still a real rarity, the extraordinary hairstyle also attracts everyone’s attention positively and negatively. This might bother you a lot at first. However, once you get used to your new look, you’ll quickly find that it gives you an incomparable boost in confidence and self-esteem.

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It’s no wonder why so many Hollywood stars have decided to try the buzz cut over the years. Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Zoe Kravitz, Katy Perry, and Halsey are the most famous examples.

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Say goodbye to Bad Hair Days!

If you have long hair, then know that there are days when it just fights you off in every way it can. It tangles, resists styling, is dry and frizzy or greasy and limp. You have to spend precious hours in the morning trying to tame it and make it presentable. These so-called bad hair days can spoil your mood all day long.

With a buzz cut, these problems are a thing of the past. Instead of spending hours washing, conditioning, drying, brushing, and styling your hair, you can spend that time with the people you love or focus on other more critical tasks of the day. Because your hair isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals, hot styling equipment, or its weight, it also grows much more robust and healthier. However, since the buzz cut fully reveals your face, sometimes you need to spend a little more time perfecting your makeup.

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A buzz cut offers tremendous versatility.

Such short hair can no longer be tied into buns, pigtails, twists, or half up half down hairstyles. Many women then assume that a buzz offers them fewer creative styling options. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth!

A buzz cut grows much faster than longer hair and needs trimming about every week to maintain its short length. This gives you an excellent opportunity to experiment. You can completely transform your look every week or two. You can shave intricate details and patterns on the sides or back of the head. You can bleach and dye your hair over and over again without worrying too much about the harmful effects. After all, new hair always grows back healthy.

You can also dress up your buzz cut with cool accessories such as headbands, bandanas, scarves, beanies, and hats. While with longer hair, you might have to worry about a cap flattening your volume, with a buzz, this is no longer a concern. A lot of stress around the condition of your hair will be eliminated.

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Disadvantages of the buzz hairstyle

For all its advantages, the buzz cut is not without its disadvantages. Although it eliminates most of the problems related to long hair, it also creates entirely new ones. The scalp is much more sensitive than the rest of our bodies. For example, you need to consider additional UV protection for your head in summer, as sunburn can become a severe problem. On windy days, your scalp can become dry and itchy. Your head also feels a lot colder in winter, so warm hats are a must. In all these cases, long hair acts as insulation against external influences.

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As already mentioned, a buzz cut must also be trimmed every one to two weeks. If you rely solely on a hairdresser, these visits can become tiresome and expensive over time. It is, therefore, a good idea to learn how to cut your hair. However, if you have never used a hair clipper or razor before, your first DIY cut can be very daunting. The results might not be as good as expected either. In these moments, it is essential not to give up. Small bald spots can be easily covered with the accessories mentioned above. Next week, when your hair is a little longer, you can try again.


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