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11 Cute Pixie Cuts for Little Girls in 2022

Short haircuts are most suitable for active girls who are constantly moving and are not ready to spend time on long styling or braiding their hair. At an older age, the advantage of such images is their unusual appearance, which attracts the attention of others.

When choosing a haircut for little girls, it is essential to consider its attractive appearance and convenience. Styling should not take a lot of time and effort, and ideally, a young lady should cope with it independently. Suppose you decide to cut a long bang. In that case, it is essential to consider the possibility of fixing it with bobby pins or bobby pins while at school or doing homework.

In three-year-old girls, the hair is still too fragile. Therefore it is a short haircut that is most appropriate and does not injure its structure. However, at this age, it is already possible to grow bangs. It is essential that it is short and extends only to the middle of the forehead and in no way interferes with vision. The haircut itself can be a square, a ladder, or a page’s hairstyle. It is recommended to cut dense curls with steps, and a cascade with bangs will look good on thick hair.

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At 4 years old, the girl’s hairstyle should be very comfortable, not interfering with playing, running, and actively expressing herself. Ease of maintenance is considered equally important. Alternatively, it may turn out to be a page haircut, which makes it possible to wear it in its basic form and do simple hairstyles. The hair is either gathered in a pair of ponytails at the crown or, separated by a straight parting, twisted in different directions towards the ears and fixed with comfortable hairpins.

With a 5-year-old girl, you should definitely discuss what kind of hairstyle she wants, with regards to the presence or absence of bangs, as well as the length. At this age, you can begin experiments, for example, making an unusual length of the lower cut line at the back of the head and giving preference to a square on a leg. A simple style will organically combine with childish facial features, and the image itself will be very effective. In addition, a court on a portion refers to practical haircuts, convenient for everyday wear.

At 9 years old, the girl will definitely like the pixie hairstyle with shortened strands. It will look perfect on slender schoolgirls of small stature. For curly, thick-haired girls, an elongated bob with neat bangs is more suitable. Other hairstyles ideal for this age includes a simple bob and a sleek bob with bangs. The age period from 11 years old to 17 years old is characterized by the ability to repeat any adult hairstyle, especially if the girl looks mature. Alternatively, it can be a short cheeky punk haircut, an extreme mohawk, and others.

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Short haircuts for girls do not lose their relevance, and the number of their varieties is rapidly increasing. Numerous creative variations of the bob allow you to choose a hairstyle that suits a specific face type and any style. Hair can always be pinned up, braided in short pigtails, or flagella. Moreover, if a girl wants to grow her hair, she will not have to change her haircut – it will be enough just to stop cutting her curls.

The pixie hairstyle deservedly enjoys the love of celebrities – it suits any look, including a business school one, requires the most straightforward styling, and looks very modern. Its meaning is that the hair on the crown is cut more extended than in the occipital region and near the temples. It will be enough to rinse the hair, then dry it and shape it with unique products for styling. A pixie haircut is not suitable for girls with protruding ears and for owners of wavy curls.


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