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Cute Short Haircuts For 2021

Cute Short Haircuts For 2021

Short fashionable haircuts for girls can fix the situation when nothing pleases. For example, if you really wanted to go on vacation, but it didn’t work out. We have collected photos for you with which you can go to the salon.

First, some general information. Fashionable short haircuts are now about the same as a year ago or five years ago. We warn you right away that you do not expect something unique. But certain trends are working more active today than in 2020, eg. In this article, we will show what a fashionable haircut 2021 for women looks like for short hair. And we will tell you what products and “gadgets” can be used to make fashionable women’s short hairstyles

Classic Bob

Like all other fashionable women’s haircuts for short hair, this option suits any person and “fits” into any wardrobe… Perhaps you have never thought about a haircut that is tied to your clothes. But this is just a new trend that you can use to make your image even more interesting. Depending on the styling, the hairstyle can look classically restrained or edgy.

How to be trendy and cute: Use a texturizing spray to make your hair look stylish. How to “beat” the curls at the roots, as if they were patted by the wind of change, and then comb your hair well. If you have them thin enough, it makes sense to add volume with a curling iron. Roll up the curls, let them cool for a couple of minutes, then comb your hair well along the entire length – only then texture.

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Elongated Bob

With him, you get the most stylish hairstyles, because there is room for maneuver. This is a short haircut, and at the same time (as the name implies) not very much, so you can make beautiful and rather complex hairstyles… We advise you to scoop up ideas on Instagram of your favorite stars or celebrity masters. Regardless of the length, you can afford to twist your curls for a go-out option.

How to be trendy and cute: firstly, you will need a parting in the middle. Even if you’ve never worn one, be sure to give it a try. It is not true that the option will not suit a round face, because due to the type of haircut, the oval will just be smoothed out. Secondly, a foam for volume comes in handy to create it at the roots. On the sides, fix the strands with multi-colored or metal invisible so that they find one on top of the other. The bottom line is that the hairpins should be just visible. And the more you put on, the better.

long pixie cutlow maintenance short hairstyles for summercute medium haircuts

When you need a hairstyle for outdoor activities or a fitness club, do not forget about pigtails. Your length should be enough to organize something like them on your head. And recalcitrant hairs, if anything, can be treated with varnish of movable fixation.

With A Bang

The novelties of the season are asymmetry and bangs. Not that full-fledged novelties, of course, because asymmetrical hairstyles regularly come in and out of fashion. But we know that this story is cyclical, so we are not surprised. Should bangs be asymmetrical? Yes, you can combine two trends in one to emerge victoriously. You can still pay attention to the curtain bangs, also known as french bangs, which should be laid in different directions on the same brushing. Straight bangs also return to the list of trends, which stylists advise to pull with iron and texture for greater effect.

Important: the bangs can “fit” into any short haircut, but discuss this with the master before deciding finally. Your favorite bangs may not go well with the hairstyle you want or are used to.

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How to be trendy and cute: the main thing in a bang is to wear it with pride. There are no more tips, except that if you can’t head every day, it might be helpful to “wash” your bangs in the morning. It is better to do this not with soap, as some advice, but with a sulfate-free shampoo. Or you risk overdrying your hair, so your bangs will look like a bunch of hay. Also, try “wet styling” – just bangs or hair in general – with a gel. This option is especially well suited for evening outings.


No matter what women from the Internet tell you, this option is good for any face shape. With the right strands and whiskey shaping, your face will look good even with a very short haircut. Makeup plays an equally important role in this. There is no need to be afraid that the hairstyle will accentuate the cheeks or something else because all this “still” can be removed with the help of cream correction, highlighter, bronzer, and so on. And best of all, since we are talking about makeup, haircuts of the garcon type (“like a boy”), which include pixies, are emphasized with red lipstick.

How to be trendy and cute: for women who decide on pixies, there is nothing forbidden. So if you are one of them, then you are already in trend. But when you want to change the image, feel free to use accessories. Short haircuts look great in the company of hoops and all sorts of headbands (from simple fabric to spectacular with crystals, beads, pearls, and metallic elements). And they are also beautifully emphasized with large earrings (the more the better) and an open shoulder line.

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