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20 Wolf Haircuts for Girls in 2022

A wolf haircut is a fashion trend this summer that rejuvenates even 80-year-old she’s definitely for the cocky.

wolfcut hairstyle

This summer, right in front of a multi-million audience, a new trend in haircuts was born – of course, all thanks to the TikTok social network. It is on its open spaces that Korean boys and girls idols (popular bloggers) demonstrate the haircut of a wolf (in some way it resembles the location of the fur on the muzzle of this wild but noble animal). This is a kind of mixture of the famous mullet and shaggy (tousled careless haircut). It is characterized by short hair along the contour of the face and long hair at the back of the head. Can be cut into layers like a ladder.

Now on social networks, hairdressers are en masse exhibiting their variations on the theme of a new daring haircut. And it’s not teenagers who try it on.

What is a wolf haircut and who will it go to? In this material.

Who will go to such a haircut

wolf cut long hair

wolf cut mullet

In the wolf’s haircut, there is still more from the mullet, which was first worn by women in the 70s, and then, thanks to David Bowie and his love for everything non-trivial, and men.

The new version gives more room for imagination, for example, facial hair may be far from short. Since the hair is cut chaotically, it does not require special styling, a spray or mousse is enough and dry.

A wolf haircut is now more relevant than ever, because it is, in fact, gender-neutral. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was the first to thunder in the West in support of everything androgynous-tolerant.

wolf cut mullet for girls

wolf cut hairstyle

Wolf haircut really suits both men and women. The main thing is to be able to wear it. You can coexist with this haircut only if you have a spirit of rebellion and non-conformism.

The image of a wolf is suitable for all hair types. But especially for curly ones. By adding a little carelessness, a haircut relieves styling headaches. Hair will always be, no matter how strange it may sound, obediently lie. Sometimes it is enough just to dry them with thermal protection.

Who has already tried on this haircut?

wolf haircut for women

Singer Debbie Ryan, Miley CyrusBillie Eilish, and even actress Jane Fonda have already tried on a wolf haircut. By the way, the 83-year-old star has demonstrated by her example how rebelliousness in her hair can make her look 10 years younger. This haircut, which is far from being a classic for Fonda’s age, flatters her very much.

There are many variations on the theme of wolf hairstyles. For example, it can be supplemented with a bang, best of all long, multi-layered, as the bangs of Brigitte Bardot, and a short baby bang is also suitable. If you wish, you are free to leave the length at the face and not make your hair super short, like sideburns.

curtain bangs

hush cut

And, of course, if you want to end up with a bold look, don’t forget to complement your haircut with the right color. For example, colored strands.

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