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20 Haircuts for Heavy Set Women in 2022

Most owners of luxurious forms mistakenly believe that choosing a suitable haircut for them is significantly limited. It seems that only skinny women can afford bold experiments, and gorgeous ladies have to be content with a once well-chosen image for many years. In fact, most modern haircuts that can be seen in fashion magazines or on the catwalks are perfect for chubby cheeks. They perfectly emphasize the dignity of the face, a gorgeous bust, and an elegant image of such a girl, and those flaws that you want to hide, they can easily disguise.

It is enough to know the features of suitable models and the rules for wearing them by obese women to choose several harmonious options.

chubby face low maintenance shoulder length haircut short hair for chubby face


Hairstyles for corpulent beauties can be either the simplest and most classic or very original. It is impossible to create a single image suitable for absolutely everyone. For a tall blonde with big blue eyes and a long neck, the master will choose one image and a short, dark-skinned brunette – a completely different one. However, several general rules are recommended to be followed by absolutely all ladies of large sizes.

  • Length. There is a certain stereotype that overweight women should cut their hair to the jawline or even higher. At the same time, too short haircuts, similar to men, are also not recommended. However, you should not completely exclude hair that is elongated below the shoulders or extremely short.

The main thing is that such a hairstyle correctly places accents, emphasizing, for example, big eyes and not a big neck. For this, layered hairstyles with asymmetry and strands that cover the line of the cheekbones and cheeks are best suited.

plus size haircutsflattering plus size haircuts


  • Volume. Luxurious ladies should be luxurious in everything, including having a voluminous and voluminous styling. It is better to leave various fashionable novelties in the form of a smooth shine, weaves, and tight tails to skinny friends, and choose soft curls and a small fleece on the temples and crown for yourself. The main problem in choosing an image for a fat woman is the discrepancy between large body shapes and a small head. To slightly balance this transition, you can use a curling iron, curlers or resort to a perm.


  • Bang. Classic straight bangs add volume to the face and throw on a few extra pounds. The shorter it is, the more massive it makes the owner of the bangs. If the shape and features of the face require such an element, it is best to stick to oblique and highly profiled options. Just a few strands are enough, framing the face on both sides or going down one. Such bangs attract attention and distract him from chubby cheeks and a massive chin.

chubby face round face shape short hair

chubby face double chin pixie cut short hairstyles

  • Parting. In this case, all the same, rules apply as with the bangs. A straight parting with smooth, shiny hair on both sides will increase the already considerable width of the face. Even if the hair grows in this way, the parting needs to be changed. It is enough to move it a few centimeters in one direction or another, and the face will immediately become thinner and longer. And if you make it slightly beveled, then the effect will increase several times.

haircut for fat face double chin hairstyle for round face to look slim low maintenance short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins youthful hairstyles over 50

  • Colour. In fact, finding the perfect color is the easiest. It should be either a few shades darker or a few shades lighter than natural. Ashy white or bluish-black hair is suitable exclusively for girls. It is better to give up such shades with age, as they add a lot of years.
    For older ladies, it is better to pay attention to various techniques for highlighting and coloring strands. This will create an additional effect of volume, even on graying and fine hair; in addition, it will distract attention from the features of the figure.

double chin plus size haircuts

Based on the above rules for selecting a haircut, you can pick several win-win for full options. Depending on how long the girl’s hair is at the moment, she will be able to stop at one of several options.

What haircuts are suitable?

For short hair

The traditional hairstyle for a chubby girl is a regular bob: raised crown, smooth or wavy strands that cover the cheekbones, and long oblique bangs. The easily recognizable silhouette of the haircut will look great with a length to the middle of the cheek if the girl is not too chubby. Otherwise, it will have to be shortened, lengthened, or made asymmetrical.

low maintenance short hairstyles for fat faces medium length short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins plus size hairstyles for over 50 and overweight round face hairstyles for over 50 and overweight

Another stylish option that suits ladies in the body is a shorter pixie haircut. Her task is to create a bright, daring, and modern female image. A distinctive feature is the elongated strands of the crown, forming asymmetrical bangs and short-cropped or even shaved temples and the back of the head. The haircut is also good because it looks great even on fragile and thin hair.

fuller figure short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

slimming hairstyles for overweight

For medium length hair

Owners of shoulder-length curls can stop their attention on a regular square. Both a slightly elongated version and an asymmetric one are well suited. A square on a leg or “false” will look good when the hair is bent outward and not towards the face.

It is better to leave the classic sleek and slightly graphic version to your friends and choose for yourself with a side parting or with a curl.

big woman plus size hairstyles double chin

The second great option for medium and even long hair would be a cascade haircut. In this case, each top strand is slightly shorter than the bottom one. This layered haircut will look great on its own and when styled on curlers or ironing. And to make the play of light and shadow even more complex, you can dye your hair using the amber or veil technique.

Creative options

In addition to classic hairstyles, overweight ladies can pay attention to less popular but very unusual retro-style options.

  • For short hair, you can make a haircut called “page.” Its distinctive features are a rounded shape, smooth lines, and a long nape in combination with short bangs. To make the image lighter and airier, you can twist the strands or, conversely, slightly tousle them.

slimming hairstyles for overweight over 50

Another stylish find from the past for magnificent beauty can be the Aurora haircut. A voluminous back of the head and thin strands of different lengths framing the face will perfectly mask flaws and emphasize advantages.

In the traditional version, “Aurora” assumes a straight high bang, but replacing it with oblique, profiled strands with scissors is better.

chubby face low maintenance haircut

If nature has awarded a girl with a beautiful skull shape and an oval face, she can, with a clear conscience, allow herself more daring experiments with her appearance. The amount of extra pounds, in this case, does not play a decisive role. Shaved whiskey and whole patterns, a curly forelock, a voluminous hat of fine strands, or even a colored mohawk. All this will look great even if the standard 90-60-90 is very far from the real size of the lady.

And it is also advisable to choose a haircut based on the hair’s natural structure, which will significantly reduce the styling time and make it easier.



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