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20 Undercut Haircuts for Women in 2022

Have you ever wondered if short hair would look good on you? After all, short haircuts are currently all the rage. If this is “yes,” we have put together valuable tips and the most beautiful short hairstyles for 2022 for you. Choose your favorite and take it to the hairdresser you trust. Have fun!

Pixie cut

The pixie cut ranks high in the trend barometer. No wonder because this hairstyle hit suits every woman and is wonderfully easy to style. This year the top hair stays a little longer. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s straight or sideways: fringes of any length give the popular short haircut a modern, casual touch and, thanks to their flexibility in styling, ensure a lot of variety. Trendsetters are going for a fringed pixie cut in 2022.

pixie cut

badass undercut designs female female nape undercut long hair medium hair with undercut undercut women short hair

edgy bowl cut woman

Bowl cut

The bowl cut celebrated a surprising comeback in 2021 and bravely holds its trend position in 2022. The good old pot cut, which harmonizes particularly well with angular or narrow faces, is of course much more modern than it was in the 80s and 90s. The pony plays a major role. It can fall slightly on the face and gently merge into the sides of the same length. If you want to give a retro look more femininity, you can cut minimal steps into your hair.

back undercut girl female messy bowl cut female simple undercut modern bowl cut fade pixie modern bowl cut female undercut feminine short hair

Courage to color

In 2022 it will be pretty colorful for short hairstyles. How about, for example, royal blue hair or pink tips? Pastel tones throughout the hair (e.g., candy pink and silver-white) also remain popular.

If you like it more subtle, choose a trendy blonde color (from pearl blonde to golden gloss), a noble brown tone (mocha, caramel), or a distinctive copper-red.

simple undercut designs trendy modern bowl cut undercut bowl cut woman unique undercuts for females

bowl cut mullet

pixie messy bowl cut

tapered bowl cut female


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