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Short Hairstyles for Square Faces Over 50

A haircut should be flattering to your natural features so that the style complements the rest of your appearance. If you have a square face, the choice of your haircut should play with the strong angles of your face. For women over 50, styles for a square face can vary from short to long; as long as the rest of the cut flatters your facial features.

Medium Layered Rocked Hair

A medium-sized bobbed style, one that falls just above or slightly below the shoulders, is a versatile look for women over 50. Soft layers, especially framing the face, add appeal to this style. Opting for long bangs, parted and pulled to the side, complements a square face. This look works well with naturally gray hair, salt, and pepper, or colored hair as well. The medium length of this style, along with the layers, helps to hide thinning hair that has less volume compared to younger hair.

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Short and choppy

A square face has naturally strong and commanding angles, which work well with short hairstyles. A short, choppy style draws attention to the top of your head, allowing you to show off your boxy facial features. Adding highlights to this type of style gives a youthful appearance and works well with women over 50. Women with thin hair or a thin but strong texture as a result of the graying process will find this style works well as their hair Rebellious can be positioned with the use of gel and mousse. The unstructured style works with hair that has turned gray and is, therefore, more difficult to keep straight.

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Long layers

Having a style that falls beyond the shoulders, being considered as long hair, can work for women over 50 when the hair is cut, conditioned, and maintained appropriately. To benefit from a square face, the hair must be cut in layers. With attention placed on the layers that frame the face and angled towards the face. Making the longer layers fall below the shoulders will help distract from age-impacted facial features such as drooping jaws or wrinkles.

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