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Hottest Short Haircuts for Women in 2022

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Whether on TikTok or Instagram, the social media superstars – Charli D’Amelio to Addison Rae to Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez – are in the middle. Professionals and stylists are also looking forward to the year’s comeback.

The styling options are endless: low or high ponytails, buns or loose hair, wild curls, or sleek look – everyone can see with the golden (parting) center Look elegant. In addition, the middle part is super flattering, the face looks more symmetrical, and you can make thin hair look fuller. In this sense: Off through the middle!

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# 2 Short Bob

Short bob, little bob, petit bob, or baby bob – no matter what you call the latest bob variation, the ends of the hair mustn’t protrude beyond the chin. From chin-length, it ends because this is where the stylish hairstyle ends. We know the bob cut accurately, but the trend hairstyles (such as Choppy Cut, Wolf Cut, or Diana Bob ) have already announced it: It can be frayed! The short bob is extra relaxed in combination with long bangs or curtain bangs.

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The haircut gives more contour to elongated and oval faces. Round face shapes can cut look narrower with steps and a center parting. Even fine hair benefits from the short hairstyle because the bob makes lame spaghetti look like XXL volume. And what about the styling? If you think of Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief Vogue) now, don’t worry, there is not just one styling option: worn in a sleek look, the short bob looks elegant and grown-up, with a bit of texture spray and a few waves in your hair, it seems hairstyle instantly more casual. Even without styling effort, the trend hairdressing can be pimped with beautiful hair accessories such as hair clips, bows, and headbands.

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#3 Baby Braids

Opulent Wiesn plaited only celebrate their big show in October; we carry sweet Baby Braids for the rest of the year! We don’t even know who brought the cool retro look back, was it, Hailey Bieber? Or the Hadid sisters? Did we see the baby braids on the catwalk? Or was it on TikTok after all?

More and more often, we see the small braids on social media and even on the red carpet … and in 2022, this hairstyle can no longer be stopped. Why also ?! The trend hairstyle is super cute and gives every look a touch of “forever young.” The best? Everyone can wear the trend.

layered bob

It’s that easy: Part your hair in the middle. Separate and braid a strand on each side of the parting. In the end, tie the mini braid with a thin hair elastic or tuck the tips and fix it with hairspray.

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#4 Blunt Cut

Your new hair (s) resolution for 2022 should read “Bob hairstyle”! Because the blunt cut is another variation of the famous short hairstyle that will be very popular in 2022. The chic, sharp amount is cut straight, ends around chin height, and is slightly longer at the front than at the back. In 2021, the blunt cut in a super strict sleek look was an absolute must. In 2022 we will let loose and enjoy the trendy boho hairstyle with soft waves, curl, and volume. So it doesn’t always have to be perfectly styled and smooth; on the contrary, the blunt bob can now also be worn undone.

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#Shag Mullet

It’s damn long hair that the mullet was socially acceptable, but in 2020 and 2021, the 90s haircut brought us back as Wolf Cut, Shag Cut, and Mullet – and we loved it. The trend hairstyle is not over in 2022 either: Shag Vokuhila will continue to celebrate its big revival.

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What defines the new shag are the flowing transitions that gently frame the face. In combination with the mullet, in which the hair around the front and on the top of the head is shorter than on the back, the hairstyle gets a trendy update.

The cut is multi-layered and dynamic, fits every hair structure and color, and can be implemented with different hair lengths. With straight, fine hair, more volume can be cheated with targeted layering; thick wavy hair can be deliberately thinned out where it looks too bulky and heavy. Hardly any other cut is as flexible and easily adapted to hair structure, length, and face shape as the mullet shag.

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#Long Pixie

XXL lengths and flowing hair are over in 2022. Another short hair trend is looming: the long pixie has the word “long” in its name, but the hair length in this hairstyle does not extend beyond the cheekbones. Whether classic or in various modern variations, the pixie celebrated its big comeback this year. In 2022, the Long Pixie will claim the trend throne for itself. Shorter than a short bob but longer than a classic pixie, the long spirit is worn somewhere in between.

pixie cut

Depending on the hair structure and face shape, it can be combined with a pony but usually stays shorter on the sides and is worn very short on the back of the head. The advantage: the longer top hair makes it more adaptable, changeable, and stylable. With the pleasant mid-length, you can be wonderfully creative, reposition the parting more often, combine accessories such as clips and hairbands, style waves or wear them in a sleek look.

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