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10 Mind-Blowing Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Haircuts that do not require styling are performed on long, medium, and short hair. They can look retro, classic, and ultra-modern. They have one thing in common: the right technique. For the hair to lay down as it should, the master must take into account a lot of subtle nuances: texture features, the direction of fall and weight of curls, and even such a thing as shape memory.

The last point is especially important when it comes to a radical change of image: the hair will get used to the new hairstyle for at least two weeks.

Low maintenance hairstyles for thin hair Low maintenance hairstyles Low maintenance medium length haircuts

The main plus of smart haircuts: they don’t have to be styled. The main disadvantage is that finding a master who could take into account all the features of the hair and create a haircut that does not require styling is not an easy task.

Straight hair often thinks that wavy and curly strands are ideal candidates for a straight haircut. But those whose hair is naturally curly know that curls and waves are extremely capricious. To avoid complications, give up thinning, do not cut too short hair, and make sure that your master does not work with wet hair.

Low maintenance old lady haircuts Low maintenance short haircuts Low maintenance short natural haircuts for black females

Straight hair often needs extra volume: you can also create it without styling with the right haircut. If there are signs of age-related changes on the face, they can be hidden with the help of asymmetry and accents on the bangs. Excessive volume can be removed by lightening the strands (shag and ladder techniques). And another win-win option is a bob: classic or elongated.

Such hair has a very flexible character. And if until now they have not listened to you, it is only because they were waiting for a suitable haircut.

Thick hair low maintenance haircuts Double chin low maintenance short hairstyles for fine hair Low maintenance hair Low maintenance haircuts for thin hair Low maintenance hairstyles for 40 year Low maintenance hairstyles for 50 year

The classic square looks good on thick hair. Asymmetric fits thinner makes the classics more effective and hides the signs of age-related changes on the face.
Perfectly simple care: washed, tousled with hands, and went. It is especially good if the hair is curly. A haircut brings the curls to a common denominator: all that is superfluous leaves, but the volume remains.

Ideal for almost any face shape, except for those with large cheekbones. Pointed temples, chaotic gradation, and asymmetrical bangs look very stylish.


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