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10 Mind-Blowing Light Brown Balayage for Brunette Hair 2021

When a natural look is at its peak, it is necessary to choose the most natural coloring options. There are a huge number of techniques with which you can create the effect of sunburned hair, and the only balayage remains the most popular and demanded among the stars. Let’s figure out what it is and why you need to do this coloring.

Translated from French, the word balayage means “blowing”. This technique appeared in the 70s of the last century, and, of course, French stylists invented it. Balayage is one of the types of highlighting, which creates the effect of strands burnt out in the sun.

Light brown hair Light brown balayage for brunette hair Caramel light brown balayage

To recreate such a coloring, it is necessary to use several of the most similar shades of paint, with the help of which a smooth transition of tone from dark to light will be created. This coloring allows you to create accents on the hair.

Very often, the balayage dyeing technique is confused with (another dyeing technique that allows you to create the effect of burnt hair). However, there is a big difference between these procedures, because the status involves dyeing the strands along the entire length with deliberate darkening of the roots, as well as creating clear color boundaries, whereas in balayage they should be deliberately blurred.

Ash balayage dark hair Caramel light brown balayage short hair Light brunette balayage hairstyle Subtle balayage dark brown hair Light Brunette Balayage Hair Balayage hair Caramel dark brown balayage

Also, it seems to many that this technique is very similar to ombre, but it is done for the entire length of the hair, and in the balayage, the strands are partially colored. Also, the difference lies in the fact that with ombre, a vertical tone transition is obtained, and in balayage – a horizontal one.

This shade of coloring will look most successful on dark blond hair with a warm undertone. Some strands can be lightened at the roots, while others only at the ends.

Most often, this effect created when using three shades of paint. The most successful honey blonde looks on girls with dark blond curls.


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