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Medium Blonde Hairstyles 2021

From classic to extreme – we show the most fashionable women’s haircuts for medium hair, which will be popular in 2021.

Fashionable women’s haircuts for medium hair
A bob, a cascade, a ladder, or a bob – what haircuts will be relevant in the new year? Scroll through photos of the most popular examples.

Basic types of haircuts for medium hair
Cascade. A versatile technique for creating everyday haircuts for medium hair. Remember Jennifer Aniston? Cascade – her favorite haircut since the days of the TV series “Friends”. When cutting, the master first combes the hair back along the growth line, and then trims individual strands. To get a natural and beautiful cascade, you need to moisturize the strands with a special serum or leave-in conditioner. After that, the stylist combs the curls along the hairline, adjusts the haircut, removes excess strands, and completes the cascade.

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The cascade is of several types:

The classic cascade is the most common, its main features are smooth transitions and light gradation; the classic cascade can be worn with or without bangs;
a torn cascade is created with the help of a special hairdressing razor: the stylist casually tears the ends with a tool. The severity of the tears can range from mild to severe.
The graduated cascade is convenient in everyday life. The hair-master “releases” individual strands, thanks to which the haircut looks neat and without special styling;
With or without bangs, you can wear any type of cascade – choose a haircut, focusing on your face shape.

Kare. Unlike the cascade, the square looks neat and holistic. Possible variations of the square:

A classic bob is a haircut with straight ends just above shoulder level. The stylist can straighten curls or create casual curls that form a multi-layered structure of the hairstyle;
elongated bob – in the process of creating an elongated bob, the stylist cuts the back a little and leaves long curls in the front, maintaining visual balance. The main disadvantage of a haircut is that it needs daily care. To look cool every day, you will have to style your hair regularly;
straight bob is another popular variation for haircuts for medium length hair. The master cuts the ends of the curls as smoothly as possible. The hairstyle looks neat and minimalistic.

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Bean. A century later, the haircut does not lose its relevance. To create a bob, the stylist makes a smooth transition from long strands to shorter ones. This technique helps to create extra volume at the crown. What is a bean:

A classic bob is a haircut with a smooth transition from short hair in the back to long hair in the front. Initially, the classic bob was cut only with bangs, today it is no longer so relevant.


Can be cut on both short and medium length hair. The stylist creates an asymmetrical silhouette by cutting one side more than the other.
on the leg differs from the classic bob only in sharpness, no smooth transitions. This haircut option is specially created for girls with thin hair.
with and without bangs – the master can cut a little longer or stick to the classic version.


A versatile and practical haircut for medium hair in everyday care. The master selects individual strands and trims them so that the hair visually resembles a ladder. The ladder is perfect for thick, rough, and naughty curls. To maintain the result, cut the ends 1-2 times every three months.

Beautiful haircuts for straight medium hair
Smooth straight hair comes in two types: fine and thick. Choose a new haircut, taking into account the characteristics of your hair.

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Classic cascade
Choose a classic extended cascade. This option is easy to care for and versatile since the haircut is compatible with any age and style. Ask your stylist to keep the front curls slightly longer and cut from the middle of the hair.

Long bob
What are the best haircuts for straight hair of medium length? Our answer is an elongated bob. It looks especially impressive on dark and thick curls. Trim the strands around your face at an angle and leave the hair in the back intact.

Classic ladder
A little mess doesn’t hurt. If you have straight curls, the 2019 interpretation of the ladder haircut is a suitable haircut for medium hair. The haircut is ideal for thick and unruly hair.

Long square with oblique bangs
Long squares with blunt ends do not need to be styled daily. Side bangs will harmoniously complement the overall hairstyle. The haircut looks equally good on dark and light hair.

Haircuts for curly medium hair for women
How to tame curls and what haircuts for medium length curly hair will be popular in 2021?
Elongated square with side parting

Elongated or classic bob with a side part looks perfect on curly and curly hair. Don’t forget to moisturize your curls with special products to refresh your look


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