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Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Choosing a haircut and hair color
Hairstyles for medium and short hair have many advantages. Not only do they have  magical anti-aging effects, but they are also versatile. This makes it possible to perform a wide variety of styling, from the simple everyday to evening festive. The main rule is that you only need to contact a qualified master who will select the correct haircut and coloring option depending on the type of hair, shape, and face shape. Hair color also plays an important role for women over 50, it must be selected especially carefully.
If you are already 50-55 years old, then gray hair is probably your faithful companions, but everyone knows that gray hair only adds age, so it needs to be masked. If you do not want radical changes, then you should choose a hair shade that is as close as possible to your natural hair color. Does the change in appearance scare you? Then you can safely experiment. Chocolate, cognac, copper, chestnut, honey shades emphasize femininity. The main thing is that the color looks luxurious and “expensive”. Highlighting and coloring can also become your allies in the pursuit of noble beauty.

What haircuts are suitable for women over 50?
The choice of haircuts is not that small, mainly for short hair and for medium length hair. These include bob haircuts, bob, short textured haircuts, cascading, and graduated haircuts. Let’s dwell on the most successful options.

A multi-faced bob is a great haircut option for women over 50-55 years old
The king of the model haircut named Vidal Sassoon gave the modern woman the most popular and varied hairstyle called “bob”. True, the famous stylist invented the original bean shape, which has acquired a variety of modifications over more than half a century of existence.
The main differences of this haircut are its functionality and ease of styling, due to which it is suitable even for thin and thin hair. Therefore, if you are already over 50 and your hair is not as thick as in your youth, you can safely choose this versatile haircut.

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Short haircuts – the choice of bold and bright women
Who said that a goddess must necessarily be a young beauty with floor-length braids? All the same great maestro Sassoon thinks differently because it was he who created a masterpiece from short strands on the head of one of his age clients, calling it simply and succinctly: goddess, which means “goddess”. Check out our selection of short haircuts!


I would like to believe that there are more and more brave and independent women  because they are the ones we are talking about when the funny word “pixie” is pronounced. This perky haircut is perfect for active, creative, and stylish women of middle and even old age. The secret of a pixie haircut is a chaotic or orderly alternation of milled strands of different lengths, due to which you can create the necessary volume in the right places. This hairstyle can be done on both straight and curly hair – it will not be difficult to style them with the help of mousse.

The hairstyle with almost a century of history has a masculine origin. This is clear from the name, which means “boy” in French. At the same time, the popularity of this haircut among women is very high, and the “garcon” itself has undergone serious changes and turned into an elegant female style.

Modern haircut “garcon” – the choice of daring ladies. The so-called “boyish femininity” is the effect that stylists achieve when styling their hairstyles with the help of a graduated structure and lack of clarity. Every woman will be able to style the garcon at home, and if she wishes, experiment with the hairstyle.

A hairstyle that is ideal for women after 50
Which woman has never worn a square at least once in her life? In adolescence, youth, maturity, and old age – this haircut has no age. This feminine and always fashionable hairstyle suits almost everyone, creating a flawless look. The only difference is in the technique of execution, and a lot of them have already been invented. Each master, like a real artist, brings something of his own to the hairstyle, starting, first of all, from the client’s appearance, her wishes, and, of course, age. Women who have already turned 50 can safely choose for themselves almost any kind of square, depending on the type of face and skin condition – it is convenient to cover with hair strands that you want to hide from prying eyes. For example, deep wrinkles on the forehead will be hidden by bangs, and the neck – by graduated strands of a square to the shoulders. Mature ladies should beware of too smooth, clear contours and overly saturated colors, especially bluish-black, over-hydrated white, or bright red. Short squares, which open the neck too much, are not too successful for them.

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