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Messy Hairstyles for Women 2021

Messy Hairstyles for Women 2021

In the new season of 2021, designers offer us interesting, slightly non-standard types of hairstyles that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. They are distinguished by simplicity and ease of installation, which makes it possible to do them yourself. We are talking about hairstyles performed on short hair. This season, sleek curls, neatly styled strands, will give way to naturally tousled, chaotically casual, yet femininely romantic hairstyles.

party messy hairstyle for girls short messy hair women step by step messy bun

Waves, braids, moving volume are becoming trends, giving tenderness to the image of a woman.

The number of lovers of short haircuts is constantly growing. Comfortable and fashionable short hairstyles that highlight the beauty of a woman can have many faces. It is believed that a short haircut is incompatible with braids and curls, and with the help of a short hairstyle, we will slightly dispel this myth.

  • Textured styling

The created texture with a slight mess of hair will look modern, fresh, playfully attracting the eyes of others. In order to do the styling, you need to use styling foam or mousse. Do not comb wet hair, let it dry naturally. After applying foam or mousse to them, create a texture with our hands, highlighting individual strands of hair. On a layered haircut, a textured hairstyle will form well. Highlighted hair on the back of the head or highlighted bangs will give charm.

messy hairstyle for girls messy hairstyle messy ponytail 

  • Hairstyle in casual style

Stylish and practical styling can be everyday, quick to fit. The casual hairstyle is the perfect fashion trend. The fixing agent is evenly applied to damp hair. In traditional casual, the parting is emphasized straight, but you can shift it a couple of centimeters to the right or left. With the help of a hairdryer and a comb, we give the hair a root volume, while the hair is not curled. With the help of hands, we give the hairstyle carelessness and fix it with varnish. Long bangs are combed obliquely and must be fixed. With the help of a stylish mess, we get the image of a bully.

The image of a stylish mess has been in trend for a couple of years, and today it is very relevant. For a more sophisticated option, we take the fixing agent in our hands and distribute it throughout all the hair. Raise the hair at the back of the head and crown at the roots, while laying the strands in different directions. The hairstyle has a rounded silhouette, maintaining the border of daring rebellion and stylish mess. The hairstyle suits both jeans and a dress. Neatly styled 3-4 strands of the crown and hair on the temples will help to avoid a messy look.

medium length messy hairstyles girls messy bun

We start combing the hair from the back of the head in small strands, fixing each strand with varnish, without touching the ends. With the help of corrugated tongs, you can lift the hair at the roots without combing. When all the strands are fixed, comb the hair from above in any direction, the direction is set in separate strands using wax, pay attention to the front strands, and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

messy hair girl

long messy hair

  • Hairstyle messy curls

Curl your hair slightly with a curling iron, use your hands to create waves.

Wavy strands and unevenly twisted curls will be in demand this season.

The basis of the hairstyle will be bob, pixie, short cascade, and bob haircuts.

Hair does not need a stronghold and neat styling, slightly wavy and slightly tousled looks like a classic mess.

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