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Messy Short Hairstyles for Women 2021

Women with short hair are sure that beautiful and original hairstyles are the lot of long-haired beasts. Today we will dispel this myth and prove that a romantic and vivid image can be done with a short haircut: twelve topical hairstyles, haircuts, and styling for short hair that every girl can easily do.

The most common women’s haircut for short hair at all times is the bob. It is in this year that the trend towards the undying classics is gaining momentum. Modern, easy-to-use, versatile bob hairstyle is suitable for curly and straight hair, as well as all shades, from ash and gold to scarlet and inky black.

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Another variation of an easy hairstyle for short hair is garcon. Translated from French, the word means “boy” and has been in the languages ​​of all fashionistas for over 100 years. Garson is the hairstyle that everyone should decide on at least once. With the help of such a transformation, you will be able to stretch your face, emphasize your cheekbones and add a kind of light French sexuality to your everyday look.

If you like short length and often go to social events, you should opt for a square. This haircut quickly transforms into a magical evening hairstyle and is easy to style every day. There are many variations of the beloved court:

Correct or, in other words, a classic square – perfectly cut hair with a length above the shoulder, even parting, and no bangs.

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It is a kind of classic, with the unprincipled difference that the length of the hair should be such that it can only be removed behind the ear. Especially this type of hairstyle is suitable for not very thick and lush hair.

But the elongated one, you guessed it, implies a hairstyle just above the shoulder. This haircut is best for curly and wavy hair types. The trend of this fashionable season is a square with bangs. Moreover, it is entirely unprincipled to choose an oblique, straight, or shortened blow.

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This type of hairstyle, despite all its style, is gradually going out of fashion. Take a short bob, shave or cut the bottom layer on the back of your head, and the effect “on the leg” is ready. Well, the last option of a square for fans is more original – asymmetry. This hairstyle is a sharp or smooth change in hair length.

At the end of the 20th century, girls with short hair began to come into fashion, shine on the screen, and amaze men with their own. That is why light waves, bouffants, and curls in a retro style are especially suitable for short-haired girls. This year, the stars of modern show business consider it their duty to appear on the red carpet with short hair and just such styling.

If you think that making light and romantic hairstyle for your hair length is difficult, try to build a cute and unusual wreath. To do this: – part the hair with a side parting, – roll up the bundles on both sides and secure them with invisible ones on the back of the head, – collect the remaining hair at the bottom in two more bundles and pin them crosswise, – straighten the wreath and pull out a few small strands to complete the image.

A hairstyle that does not require much effort but looks so elegant that it flaunts all fashion magazine covers. Creative head clutter is as easy to create as it is on your desk. A hairdryer and a curling iron will help you with this. Hair must be dried with a hairdryer, preferably with the use of mousse. Twist a few strands and ruffle them romantically.
The favorite hairstyle of our mothers and grandmothers, the shell, is slowly and surely entering the trend of recent years. You do not need special skills, much time, or expenses. Just one picture will help you make an adorable shell of hair that is longer than the shoulder:

The hairstyle of the Greek goddesses is especially suitable for those with short haircuts. The technology of this romantic miracle is quite simple: – we put on an elastic band, headband or headband – starting from the temples, we twist the strands up and tuck into our headband – we fill all the strands in this way – we fix the hair with varnish.

In the life of every modern woman, mother, keeper of the hearth, and beloved wife, there is very little joy of luxurious social events. But let’s try to be beautiful every day and love ourselves not only on holidays, despite the length of our hair.


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