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Pixie Haircut Styles For Girls

short pixie haircut styles

The pixie haircut first appeared back in the 50s. She immediately became incredibly popular. This is a short women’s haircut that reflects the sensuality, sexuality, and bright temperament of its owner. Since its appearance among all the variety of hairstyles, it has not lost its relevance.

tomboy short hair for girls tomboy short hair

On the contrary, the number of women who want to cut their hair in this way is constantly growing. Seeing short pixie haircuts 2018 2019 in the photo, it can be noted that they are suitable for women of any age.

hair pixie haircut styles pixie haircut styles short chuppy

Hairdressers note that fashionable novelties refresh and transform lovely ladies. However, it is worth noting that the 2018 2019 short pixie haircut is not for everyone. Check with your hairdresser before changing your hairstyle to pixie.

thick pixie haircut styles thick short haircut styles

According to the fashion trends of this year, this particular hairstyle is one of the most demanded and popular. Stylists recommend this model to the fair sex of different age categories. Photos of fashionable glossy magazines are full of images of media personalities with different variations of pixies. Ideal for short or long hair.

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short haircuts for women

Translated from English, the name of the model hairstyle means “magic fairy”. It is assumed that the hairstyle, made in accordance with the technology, creates the image of the light, magical, unearthly beauty of the fairy.

pixie tomboy short haircuts short haircuts for girls

Experts say that this look is perfect for thin hair. It is also recommended to wear such a styling model for women with a graceful neck, as well as a thin face oval. Ladies who have massive shoulders and a short neck are not recommended to choose it. On a round face, large features, hairdressers do not recommend choosing this option. Owners of curly hair are also not suitable for such a model.

easy pixie haircut styles

The main features of a pixie are:

Bare neck and temples.

Strands of various lengths.

Spectacular elongated bangs with hints of slight negligence.


Elongation of the strands to the back of the head.

pixie haircut styles pixie tomboy short haircuts for girls

Hairdressing experts recommend adhering to some age-specific guidelines. For young girls, a fashionable haircut is performed in light colors, you can use bright strands. Asymmetry prevails. For young stylish women up to thirty-five years old, it is recommended to use darker tones, do careless styling. For ladies over 40, it is recommended to make pixies on medium hair, to avoid negligence, asymmetry. For styling, you should use special products, for example, wax.

thick hair pixie haircut styles

fine hair pixie haircut pixie haircut styles

easy pixie haircut styles



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