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Old Hollywood Hairstyles for Women in 2023

When choosing an image for a holiday, it is worth revisiting old Hollywood films. “The Great Gatsby”, “Only Girls in Jazz”, and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” can give a lot of ideas for chic simple hairstyles for any hair length. Retro style is back in fashion, why not try it on yourself?

Hollywood Waves (the 1920s)

wedding old hollywood hair vintage old hollywood hairstyles

This sophisticated retro hairstyle for medium hair is very popular with the stars. It will add sophistication to even a simple look. To make it at home, use a curling iron with a diameter of 28-32 mm. The higher this indicator, the softer the waves will be, but the less durability of the hairstyle. Take strands of the same width and wind in one direction. Let them cool, spray with varnish, then comb gently with a soft brush.

Artificial bean (the 1930s)

old hollywood glamour hairstyles for long hair hollywood glam hair wedding hollywood waves wedding hair

If a female retro haircut from a gangster movie of the early 20th century is in doubt, you can try on a similar look with imitation short hair. Hairstyle is easy to do on curls to the shoulder blades. To give her an exciting texture, use a dry shampoo or salt spray before styling.

Wind the hair away from the face, comb, and sprinkle with varnish. Braid a wide strand at the back of the head into a braid, and attach it to the head. Divide the rest of your hair into 3 sections. At each tuck the tip inward and twist until you cut the length to the middle of the neck. Hook the roller with invisibility to the pigtail at the back of the head.

Gibson Girls (1940s)

side swept hollywood waves wedding hair

Today, this hairstyle is no longer vintage, but a new classic. A neat low bun without excess volume is popular with brides and graduates. If you add a headband, bandage, or a beautiful hairpin to it, you get an elegant evening look. The basis of the hairstyle is a low ponytail. It must be passed into the hole above the elastic at the back of the head 3-4 times, twisted into a tourniquet, then laid in a flat horizontal beam. Fix it with short invisibility.

Retro pin-up styling (the 1950s)

hollywood curls hollywood waves middle part short old hollywood hair

Large curls are a key element of mid-20th century hairstyles. To get them, use a curling iron diameter of 32-33 mm. In the most recognizable hairstyle of the 50s, which became popular after the movie “Hipsters”, curls are made on top, stacking them to each other. The parting is shifted to the left or right. The rest of the hair is collected at the back of the head in a ponytail. After they are wound, curls are pinned, imitating a horizontal beam, or raised higher and collected.


hollywood hairstyles old hollywood curls old hollywood waves

These retro hairstyles are actively returning to the world catwalks. A square neckerchief (silk or viscose) is folded diagonally and tied over the head so that the wide part covers the back of the head. From the ends form a small bow or hide them in a knot. The scarf is ideally combined with high buns from the 50s and 60s.

Shell french twist

old hollywood glamour vintage hollywood waves long hair side hollywood waves

One of the chicest retro hairstyles that have become a classic. It does not lose its relevance, suitable for office dress code and solemn exit. The shell is best done on the hair from the shoulders. The thicker they are, the more voluminous they will be. Long bangs can be made into a high cook – combed and laid back to the hairstyle.

To make the shell strong, divide the hair into 3-4 horizontal layers, and treat each with liquid varnish. After throwing them over your shoulder, vertically place 2-3 stealths in the back in the center. Get a frame for fixing the hairstyle. Twist your hair inward to form a long cocoon and secure it with hairpins. Cover the place of fixation with a beautiful hairpin.

Babette Brigitte Bardot (1960s)

hollywood wave hair vintage hairstyles

A voluminous retro bun, named after the heroine of the movie, is easy to do on hair just below the shoulders. He stretches the figure and emphasizes the lines of the neck. The shell is at the base. The upper mass of hair is divided into horizontal layers, wound from the face, and combed at the roots. After they are collected at the crown and fixed with invisibility, leaving light curled tips to lie freely. Wide strands above the forehead can be divided by a central parting and taken away in different directions, hidden behind the ears.

High-style “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

hollywood hair long hair old hollywood hairstyles vintage hollywood waves short hair

The image of Audrey Hepburn in this film was recognized as one of the most elegant, not only because of the Hubert Givenchy dress but also because of the chic hairstyle. In the first frames, her heroine wore a variation of a shell with a chignon and a neat diadem. The hairstyle is suitable for girls with thin hair of medium density below the shoulders. Before starting work, they need to be wound on curlers or curling iron with a diameter of 28-32 mm.

Separate the lower half of the hair from ear to ear, and throw it to the right. Make a vertical invisible in the center. Comb your hair from the inside, twist, and gather it into a shell, covering the hairpins. Secure with pins. Sprinkle the remaining free half with liquid varnish, and smooth it. Lay on top in a voluminous beam, tucking the tips inward. Fix with invisibility.

Marilyn Monroe curls

vintage waves

The main Hollywood film star had a classic medium-length bob, which she twisted, and added volume to the bangs taken to the side. To get this styling, use a curling iron diameter of 26-28 mm. Curl curls away from your face. When they have cooled, sprinkle them with liquid varnish and comb them with a brush. Move the parting strongly to the side, and add volume at the roots above the forehead. It will help to create a dry shampoo or light bouffant with aerosol varnish.

Afro Curls (the 1970s)

short hair hollywood waves old hollywood beauty

Funny little curls are long and difficult to make, but they look chic. The hairstyle is suitable for girls with thick coarse hair below the shoulders (the length will greatly decrease). Smooth wrapping will not last long and will not get the desired volume. Use a curling iron with a diameter of 5-9 mm or braid 30-50 small braids in the evening on wet hair. Comb the finished curls with your hand with a texturizing paste rubbed over your fingers: it will add shine while maintaining mobility.

Bouffant hairdo (the 1980s)

vintage curls

This is a salvation for owners of thin and sparse hair, a pleasure for connoisseurs of a seductive look. The 80s hairstyle should have pomp: after shampooing, use mousse for volume. Wind wet thin strands on your finger in different directions and fix with invisibility. Blow dry, loosen. Comb at the roots, tilt your head and shake, and sprinkle with varnish. Do not use a comb, let your hair lie freely.


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