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20 Short Blonde Bob Hairstyles for Women in 2022

This mix that sets trends in hairdressing salons has many possibilities, and we will show you some of the ones you will fall for in 2022.

The bob cut and blonde hair, an explosive combination

There is a combination that we love when it comes to haircuts and hair color. Some haircuts are better with one tone or another or achieve a different intention depending on whether they are worn with brown, red, blonde hair … And one of those combinations that drive us crazy is the bob cut and hair. Blond. If you are looking for a sophisticated, sexy, and decisive result, the bobbed blonde is for you!

Simplicity and elegance

The first thing we are going to do is remind you of what the bob cut consists of. Or rather, the bob cuts. The traditional one is the one that is at the level of the chin and has a very defined outline. But there are many versions. As for length, there is the long bob or the short bob, and you can wear it with straight, asymmetrical bangs, with accessories, without them … Come on, the possibilities are endless. In addition, when combing it, it looks good sober, like wavy and curly.

And if we talk about color, you already know that getting the perfect blonde is not an easy task, but we have the best tips for finding the tone that best suits your hair.

With long straight bangs

This proposal, in a golden blonde tone, is super romantic. It is a long bob with straight bangs that looks super good if you want to convey an image of delicacy without leaving aside the powerful touch that this cut always gives.

natural wavy bob short blonde hair short blonde undercut

With the tips inwards

Combating an ultra-smooth blonde bob with the ends inwards will achieve a super sophisticated look. A sophistication that will increase even more if you wear the part a little crooked. Don’t you love the beige blonde shade? What a beautiful thing!

fine hair short blonde bob

Platinum blonde with side parting

With the parting and the long asymmetrical bangs on one side, the result is also spectacular. With this cut and color, you will transmit the strength and self-confidence necessary to survive the routine.

layered bob short blonde hair straight short blonde pixie cut blunt blonde bob

With a lot of volumes

How much personality this version of the blonde bob has! The platinum tone, the root in the original dark tone, and the volume make it one of the riskiest and powerful at the same time. It is a perfect cut if you have a lot of hair. You will give it the prominence it deserves!

shoulder length short blonde hair blunt short blonde bob balayage blonde bob

With curtain bangs and different blondes

One of the most comfortable versions of the blonde bob cut is this one. Long, open bangs do not require much maintenance, as does wearing various shades of blonde in the hair through techniques such as balayage highlights. We love the rejuvenating touch of this long bob.

natural wavy bob short blonde undercut short blonde hair

With waves and marked highlights

In this bob cut, what is most striking is the contrast between the blonde highlights and the chestnut at the base. This season the chunky highlights are retaking home, the wide highlights that you swore never to wear again, do you dare? If you have fine hair, we recommend that you choose to make some waves so that you will give volume and movement to your hair. With this and with the bangs, you will have a hairstyle to make a difference.

low maintenance short blonde hairstyles short blonde highlights

The curly bob and the platinum blonde

Impressive! If blonde hair is already powerful in itself, your look will be groundbreaking if you also have curly hair or curl your hair. We love this platinum blonde curly bob, which shows that this cut is not at odds with curls. In fact, this 2022 curly perm will be super fashionable again; go ahead and change your look!

layered wavy bob fine hair short bob haircuts

Dark blonde with bangs as the protagonist

straight bob cut, long bangs, and a dark blonde shade are among the best ways to take advantage of this hairstyle. This way, you will greatly enhance the straight cut that characterizes the traditional bob, and you will have a color with which you will give a lot of light to your face.

blonde bob with bangs inverted bob fine hair blonde bob

Accessories, the perfect allies

To give a different touch to your hairstyle, a very stylish option that allows the bob cut is to wear ornaments in your hair. Look how good these hairpins look! To choose them well, you have to take into account the color of your hair. On blonde hair, golden accessories are ideal.

choppy short blonde bob

shoulder length blonde bob


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