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20 Braided Hairstyles for Black Women with Short Hair in 2022


Short hair is not an obstacle to creating an original hairstyle. Laying is performed on strands no more than 5 cm long, by weaving a special synthetic material into them. In this way, you can lengthen the hair without building.

There are such types of registration:

  • African braids with threads for short hair, this is a lightweight option;
  • the strands into which the kanekalon is woven, while it can significantly lengthen them.

short box braids


Lovers of bright, memorable bows will be able to make African braids with kanekalon. They have the following distinctive characteristics:

    • it is better to entrust the creation of complex patterns to a professional since the braids should fit so tightly to the head that the skin should be visible;
    • African stylish braids can be absolutely any color – gray, green, or red. You can mix natural-colored strands and brightly colored kanekalon. If you wish, you can create a whole rainbow on your head.


For people with a high forehead, keep the bangs natural. It will not spoil the impression in any way, and the afro braids will look incredibly organic. If you take into account the age, then the hairstyle naturally looks on people under 35 years old. You can braid your hair in wide or small braids. In both cases, the effect will be different. The finer the weaving, the more elegant the look will be. Wide braids are recommended for young girls.

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Many young women of fashion prefer to choose large African braids. They are characterized by the following distinctive features:

    • in addition to the thickness of the hair, a significant volume is achieved due to the abundant weaving of threads or kanekalon;
    • you can create thick African braids for short, medium, or long hair;
  • braided strands can be left loose or gathered in a thick ponytail.


Small African braids look sophisticated and elegant. Craftsmen spend a significant amount of time on their creation, but the result exceeds all expectations. They can be designed in the following variations:

  • can be smooth or wavy, have a ripple effect;
  • for braiding, strands of the same thickness or different ones can be used, for example, smaller in the front and larger in the back.shoulder length short braids 2021


To create stylish original bows, stylists use African braids, the varieties of which are present in large numbers. Particularly noteworthy are the colored details, among which the following can be distinguished:

    • threads or kanekalon that match the natural hair color as much as possible or are made in a color scheme similar to them;
  • extremely bright and even acidic shades can be used;
  • threads or kanekalon can be taken in the same tone or be multi-colored;
  • the tone can be uniform along the entire length, or there can be a smooth transition from one shade to another, known as ombre.


One of the extraordinary options in which the types of African braids are presented is dreadlocks. They fit perfectly into the casual and hippie styles. The hairstyle is suitable for any lifestyle, with the exception of professions in which you need a lot of contact with people. Such details do not go well with the dress code, but will effectively complement the glamorous, rocky, and other styles. The hairstyle suits any face shape.

box braids


Afro curls with pigtails, known as corrugation, are capable of giving an image of tenderness and romance. The hairstyle consists of small curls of hair strands. It can be of different volumes – from small to large curls. Afrokos corrugation resembles a perm, only safer for hair. The variety is suitable for those with thin or loose curls.


If you weave ombre kanekalon, which is produced in different variations, into beautiful African braids, you will be able to create a daring and vivid image. Synthetic material can be dyed in two colors or more shades. It is important to remember that with every shampooing, the color fades and the material deteriorates. On average, the hairstyle will last 2-3 weeks.

feed in braids


Taking care of African braids is not that difficult. The main thing is to remember a few rules.

  • Rule 1. Synthetic threads should not be straightened with an iron, rolled on curlers, and dried out with a hairdryer – this adversely affects their condition. You should also refuse to visit the bathhouse or sauna. But braids can be dyed, so if you want to change your hair color, feel free to go to the salon!
  • Rule 2. Ideally, you need a special shampoo for shampooing, but regular shampoo will work as well. Dissolve a small amount in a bowl of warm water, dip your braids into it and rinse them gently. Pay special attention to the spaces between the weaves. You cannot use conditioner or balm! To make the hairstyle aesthetically pleasing, repeat the procedure once every 7-10 days.
  • Rule 3. Do not wear braids for more than 2.5-3 months.
  • Rule 4. If protruding hairs appear, carefully cut them off with nail scissors. Place them flat as you would when trimming split ends.
  • Rule 5. If you are not satisfied with the length of the braids, trim them to the desired level.
  • Rule 6. Afrokos with threads is corrected in the salon – preferably from one master.

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Fashionistas will be able to apply extremely interesting options to create hairstyles with African braids. To diversify the styling, you should arm yourself with headbands, headbands, and elastic bands. Wreaths with artificial or real buds will help to create a sophisticated and romantic look. Fast yet stylish styling includes the following:

  • high or low tail;
  • “Malvinka”, where the upper strands are collected, and the lower ones are loose;
  • classic “shell”;
  • traditional bundle;
  • one or two thick braids.


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