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Short Lenght Haircuts for Women 2021

Long luxurious hair is very pretty and stylish. But a short haircut looks no less stylish and impressive if done by a real master. And such a hairstyle saves time. And this is not a trifle at all! There is no need to dry and style the strands every day, and the “naughty boy” option is the highlight of the image.

Short haircuts for women

But what if a short haircut will deprive you of femininity? So what, grow a braid or cut it without regret? Disputes between supporters of short haircuts and their opponents do not subside. That is why, before radically changing your hairstyle, it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

bob haircut layered short hair styles thick hair short haircuts

A short haircut is a great way to hide imperfections in the shape of the face, you can see for yourself by looking at the photos from our gallery. Not too large nose, not low forehead, not asymmetry in facial features will not be seen. The stylist will select the appropriate hairstyle shape – and attention is drawn to clean skin, the beauty of the neck, shoulders, and nape. Long hair will not allow you to admire these advantages.

A well-chosen haircut model will visually save you several years. Curls cannot boast of such advantages. And it is easier to care for short hair. Such a hairstyle dries quickly, the hairdryer will have to be used less often. Sometimes just combing your hair is enough to create a stylish look. The ends are splitless because they are cut regularly. And the savings are also evident: less shampoo and balm are consumed.

short haircuts for girls short haircuts for women shoulder length hair

But some short haircuts require extended styling with all kinds of styling products and beauty gadgets. And such haircuts are not universal. They adorn the owners of not every face shape. A massive chin with a round face – and it is better to leave the hair long. Only this option will soften the severity of the features.

Do the strands curl? A short haircut can play a cruel joke. Short-cropped wavy hair plus thinning – and the “dandelion effect” is obvious. There are masters who specialize in cutting wavy hair. They are able to create beautiful hairstyles, but you have to look for such a specialist.

Long hair is also considered to be an attribute of tenderness and femininity. Therefore, not all representatives of the strong part of the world’s population like ladies with short haircuts.

vintage french bob haircut
wavy french bob haircut

Haircuts “for all time”

But at the same time, a women’s haircut for short hair is a recognized option for elegance and personal style (see photo). Therefore, many owners of long hair dream of such a change in image. And there are varieties of haircuts that adorn ladies with different types of faces.

bob short hair with beanie


The time-tested option for a short haircut is French. Since the seventies of the last century, this hairstyle has not lost its popularity. It suits well both brunettes and blondes. Professional hair styling – and the hairstyle is transformed into a strict classic or flirty and perky. And highlighting goes well with such a haircut, saving you a dozen years and adding attractiveness. And there is no need to prove that the French image has its own charm.

chic french short hair french short hair medium french haircut


“Hat” – a haircut is known since the sixties. Any hair is suitable for her, but on short hair, it looks more impressive. The neck is open and visually lengthened, and the eyes appear more expressive. However, the “hat” requires regular adjustments, as in the photo. Without it, instead of thoughtful sophistication, regrown hair curls will turn the image into an unkempt one, giving the hair an unkempt look. And for an exquisite look, you need hair that is absolutely smooth, observing the strictest geometric clarity. Known “hat” classic and asymmetric. For the classics, the main difference is the perfect form and clear lines. Such hairstyles are chosen by real ladies and determined natures.

long pixie haircut low maintenance short haircuts
There are some nuances for asymmetric options. The length of the strands in asymmetrical hats is different. Hair frames the face on both sides with deliberate carelessness. Uneven geometry is allowed. There are double hats when one part of the hairstyle touches the upper edge of the ear, and the other reaches the lobe. A more advantageous option is a two-color solution.

Asymmetric “hat” – variations, creativity, and good face shape correction. The hairstyle is ideal for a lady with thin hair. A haircut will give the required volume. She is good for those with subtle features. But, if the face is round, the hairstyle is contraindicated. The cap is contraindicated for coarse hair.

youthful hairstyles over 50

medium short haircuts for women


The extreme option is perfect for young rebellious young ladies. He is good after thirty, but with a slight correction, giving more severity. The hairstyle is extraordinary: “hedgehog”, asymmetry, pony style, feathers, rhapsody with an ultra-short crown … The choice of persons who are creative and decisive.

Pin-up – an interesting hairstyle. A vintage haircut will both interest and surprise you. But special attention will be required to create a harmony of the hairstyle with the shape of the face and image.

pixie short hair stylesshort hair styles

Super short haircut – the choice of the ready-to-wear category. Such options and efficiency are emphasized, and the owner is told about the energy of the owner, and femininity is not deprived of fragility. According to the French, hair length gets shorter with age. They may be right, but there are exceptions to every rule.

If the hair is severely damaged, the shade is dull, and, in addition, severe hair loss, then a short haircut will become a real panacea. But appearance affects behavior and character to a large extent. So with the love of regularity and solitude, refusal from make-up, and an ultra-short haircut, it is better to refuse. But for energetic and stylish ladies who skillfully use makeup to focus on the winning moments of their appearance, a super short hairstyle can be the highlight of the image.


The “Pixie” opens its face completely. Attention is drawn to the eyes, cheekbones, neck, lips. Therefore, with such a haircut, competent make-up is needed. And the advantages of “pixie” are the freshness of the image and the effect of rejuvenation.

The length of the strands is longer on the face than on the back of the head or crown. The wizard will smooth out the difference with a smooth transition. Very often they combine a hairstyle with thick or straight milled bangs. A good haircut on thin hair because of the extra volume. In styling “pixie” is simple: highlight the feathers with wax, slightly tousle – and the stylish version is ready.

long pixie cutthick hair short hair cut


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