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Short Vintage Haircuts for Women in 2022

Everything new is well-forgotten old. Recently, in the world of modern fashion, it is very often possible to trace the cyclicity and everything from the distant past returns to its peak. Stylists only contribute a little to the current novelties, modernizing a little the long-forgotten. This is not bypassed by the variety of stylish modern haircuts. So most of them originate back in the distant 50s, and 60s and are now very popular with beauties who do not even think that their great-grandmothers once flaunted such haircuts.

50's vintage short hairstyles vintage hairstyles

Women’s Retro Haircuts

Retro style is associated with the time when fashion began to actively gain momentum. Everything that the actresses shone with, the singers of the crazy 20th century are also leading the current trends.

bob vintage short hair long hair vintage hairstyles shoulder length hair vintage short hairstyles

Retro haircuts for short hair

Just from the middle of the last century, almost the entire bulk of haircuts came to us, the basis of which was short hair.

vintage waves medium hair retro vintage short hairstyles retro short haircuts

Kare is the brightest and most popular representative of retro haircuts. Its appearance dates back to the 20s of the last century. At this time, the girls only began to appreciate its convenience, although the history of its occurrence goes back to a very distant past. In the 60s, they tried to make such a haircut as simple as possible, all the edges of the haircut were made clearly and strictly, which cannot be said about the modern square, at this time it has many different types: smooth, voluminous, short, long.

retro hairstyles for short hair vintage waves short hairvintage pixie hairstyles

Pixie haircut came into the 60s. The fashion was introduced by British model Twiggy. But she gained particular popularity after appearing in Audrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday”. Her haircut looked so romantic and beautiful that it instantly became popular. The disadvantage of a haircut is that, due to its geometric proportions, not everyone can become its bearer.

50s hairstyles vintage pixie cut

Page is a delicate, sophisticated retro haircut. It originates in the distant twenties of the 20th century. At the time of women’s struggle for equality. In the future, its revival took place in the 60s. There is an opinion that it was developed by Vidal Sassoon for his regular client, the French singer Mireille Mathieu, and at that time women all over the world imitated her.

retro hair styles french bob


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