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Trendy Shoulder Length Korean Haircuts for Women

Almost half of the world’s inhabitants are of Asian type. It is no coincidence that interest in Korean haircuts is growing among representatives of Slavic appearance.

layered trendy korean shoulder length hair


Korean haircut for girls has several features. Europeans should consider that hairstyles apply to sleek, straight hair. It will be difficult for owners of curly hair to make a Korean styling model. The curls straightened with a special iron do not hold their shape for long. Getting curly again can ruin the look.

trendy korean shoulder length hairlow maintenance trendy korean shoulder length hair

Typically, Korean women have thick, thick hair, so blondes with thin, fluid strands will have to use powerful fixing agents. It will be necessary to return to the procedure during the day since the peculiarities of the structure of the curls will not allow the hairstyle to last long.

Korean style attracts the attention of modern European fashionistas. They like bright and catchy designs that are easy to style. The speed of implementation of the image without additional investment is a distinctive feature of Korean hairstyles.

round face korean shoulder length hair


Popular hairstyles of Korean women attract representatives of the whole world with their femininity, modesty, and originality. The non-standard approach of Koreans to the mysterious image influenced the development of fashion in other countries.

Fashionable women’s hairstyles are not complete without dyeing. Korean women most often choose tones that are close to their natural color: brown and chocolate shades. Chestnut and red colors are appreciated.

aesthetic trendy korean shoulder length hair

Such details give special chic to Korean haircuts.

  • Torn ends. They are most often created with a razor. The effect of unevenness and incompleteness contributes to the formation of the image of a bully. A slightly sloppy haircut is associated with a creative mess on the head. This hairstyle is popular among young people and middle-aged Koreans. With her clean lines and torn bangs, she began to attract men and women all over the world.

medium length korean shoulder length hairaesthetic korean bangs layered round face korean shoulder length hair korean short hairstyles for round faces

  • Shaved whiskey. The whiskey is shaved short with a machine, long strands remain on the top of the head. Usually, a mohawk or a hedgehog is formed from them. The bristling scraps on the head imitate the thorns of a hedgehog. These hairstyles are in trend for guys and girls who want to stand out from the crowd. Self-expression is a kind of way to show oneself to the world, it is realized due to the bright coloring of the mohawk, curls of any size sticking out in different directions. Some punks shave both temples. Others boldly experiment by shaving one temple. To give the hair the desired shape, girls and guys use gel or wax. Fixation is done with varnish.

layered korean long hair

  • Asymmetry. With asymmetric hair shortening, special chic is achieved due to the obliquely cut bangs. The hairstyle is completed by unevenly trimmed curls around the entire head circumference. Korean guys prefer the “bob” model, which has an oblique forelock and asymmetrically cut strands. “Bob” does not require styling. Lightly coloring some parts of the hairstyle in lighter colors creates a unique look. The model goes well with a slim oval face. Athletic girls and guys prefer a double bob.

trendy shoulder length straight hair

  • An elongated bob is great for short hair. The hairstyle looks magnificent even for owners of thin and thin hair. The shortcomings of the wide face will be corrected. A good haircut for short strands is a “square”.

Korean women prefer the “bob” and “bob” models for medium-length strands. Haircuts do not require much maintenance, they do not need styling. Any cascading haircuts are in harmony with any face shape, giving the girl expressiveness and style.


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