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Spectacular Fade Haircuts for Women in 2023

We add the bravest and are not afraid to look extravagant and always be in the spotlight. Women’s haircuts with short hair clippers have some limitations. It is recommended to only do this if you:

  • the shape of the skull is almost ideal;
  • the shape of the face is oval or slightly elongated;
  • the ears do not stick out (with a regular haircut, they can be covered with hair);
  • clean skin, because each of its flaws (acne, etc.) attracts the eye.

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A popular trend this year is a shaved temple and the back of the head, while on top a fairly large amount of hair and long bangs are left, which allows you to style your hair in different ways and create a variety of hairstyles and looks. Dyeing your hair and shaved areas in different colors increases your creativity and underlines your personality.

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As practice shows, a women’s haircut with a machine for short hair should be done only by an experienced master. Attempts to correct at home with the help of a typewriter the shaved places where the hair grew, most often end sadly: the boundaries of the zones are violated, long hair is captured, and the zone itself looks sloppy and somewhat cut.

And the thing is that an experienced hand is needed here, and preferably a barbera master from a barbershop, a specialized hairdressing salon for men. Women boldly borrow from men almost everything, including haircuts with such unusual elements for a women’s hairdressing salon as shaved spots and ultra-short haircuts.

taper fade short natural haircuts for black females feminine female fade haircut woman fade tomboy female fade haircut

It’s still exotic for a women’s beauty salon, but hairdressers make the most creative haircuts every day, which often include cropped areas on the sides and back of the head and shaved drawings on them. It can be simple stripes, shapes, drawings, whimsical ornaments, and even the emblems of your favorite sports clubs.

Imagine how much skill it takes for a barber to do such a difficult job with an unwavering hand! Of course, he has all the necessary tools that we, the profane, have no idea about. Do you think everything is limited to scissors?

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