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20 Short Hair Tomboy Haircuts for Girls

The world of haircuts is full of charming patterns for every taste and color. Many hairstyles have long been familiar to us, so we do not pay much attention to them. However, some make you turn around and hold the eyes of their owners. Today we will raise the curtain over the haircut “tomb” – one of the most controversial and curious from the world of fashion haircuts.

What it is?
One cannot surprise anyone with glossy pictures, where models with short hair flaunt. Short hair is not news, nevertheless, “tomboy” occupies a separate place in the world of hairstyles. What is its feature, we will see now? Let’s go in order. Translated from English, the word tomboy means “tomboy”, “bully”, “fidget.” Based on only one name, we can guess that we are talking about a haircut “under the boy”, bearing a slightly rebellious, bold, and bold character.

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“Tomboy” is a unisex haircut, mainly performed on short hair, but the female version can be performed on medium and long hair according to the latest fashion peak.

The mandatory components of this haircut are:

-asymmetry in general;
-carelessly falling ragged locks;
-open nape and whiskey;
-elongated asymmetric bangs.
The hairstyle bears a note of artistic negligence, and due to the lack of exact rules of performance, at the request of its owner, it may include shaved areas. This hairstyle represents elements of multi-level contrast and needs styling, with which you can embody an uncountable number of styles and images.

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Why do women choose a tomboy?
Most often this is the choice of strong, strong-willed girls and women, but thanks to the styling variations, the hairstyle can also be worn with romantic shades in the image.

Consider the reasons for choosing this particular haircut.                                             Nothing extra. Hair takes on a form that is easy to care for.
Pretty easy styling with a wide selection of styles.
It is believed that essays on men’s hair on a female head, contrary to logic, emphasize femininity and fragility.
The problems of split ends of the hair disappear. The hair looks healthy, the hair looks alive.
In general, the look is always well-groomed and neat, with a minimum of effort.
The haircut has many advantages. For those who decide to change the style and length of hair, “tomboy” is a very interesting option.

History of occurrence
In the 20s of the last century, the first images of “brave” women with a strong nature and strong-willed character began to flicker on the screens of the cinema. Feminine dresses gave way to trouser suits, and delicate curls – to short haircuts “like a boy.” It looked like a challenge to society, an application for women’s independence and freedom from stereotypes.

Coco Chanel herself, who, in addition to her legendary little black dress, left the world a legacy, and the image of a woman who boldly demonstrates her hairstyle with elements of this haircut is closely connected with the haircut.

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Who is it for?
“Tomboy”, like almost all short haircuts, is not suitable for all women. Choosing this hairstyle, one must take into account not only the shape of the face but also the character itself, as well as the features of your physique. It is worth noting that age does not play a special role – a “tomboy” can adorn the heads of both young fashionistas and more mature ladies.                                                                                                                              As already mentioned, physique plays an important role: a “tomboy” looks especially good on women with a slim figure, and ladies with curvaceous forms are advised to choose more feminine hairstyles. Such a haircut represents a wide range of options, therefore it suits almost any face shape.                                                                                                Suppose girls with round and square face shapes will use oblique bangs and side parts in combination with a basal volume. Owners of an oblong type of face can be pleased with a wider choice of style of the hairstyle discussed by us, the only nuance is a well-chosen long bang.                                                                                                                                In any case, the ideal style for each face is selected individually by the master.As noted above, the very nature of its owner is important in choosing a hairstyle. This hairstyle will complement the image of bold, outstanding, creative personalities with a strong-willed disposition.                                                                                                                        A woman’s appearance is a projection of her inner world. A short haircut can aggravate the shortcomings, so owners of hairstyles “tomboy” must carefully monitor the condition of the skin and the flawless makeup.

“Tomboy” is a salvation for those women who have thin, sparse hair. Due to its versatility and cut strands, this haircut creates the effect of volume and abundant density of hair.

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Can teenagers wear them?
A haircut “tomboy” was included in the list of the most glamorous and popular hairstyles for young fashionistas. It is common for younger beauties to conduct “experiments” with their image. The rebels in spirit, with an inexhaustible desire to show themselves, young ladies find every day different types of styling for their individual model “bomb”.                      This short haircut on the hair of teenage girls 13 years and older create a playful effect, emphasizing their unique image                                                                                          But even at this young age, it must be borne in mind that the “bomb” is not suitable for everyone. As already noted, girls with refined facial features, having a slender physique, can brag of this fashionable hairstyle. This does not mean that other types of haircuts are prohibited. Of course not. We only indicated those cases when it is guaranteed to look spectacular.                                                                                                                        Older girls can complement their stylish hairstyle with a game of colors: coloring, highlighting, highlighting individual strands. The use of multi-colored crayons for hair is the latest novelty among young people.                                                                                    Young lovers of haircuts “tomboy” tend to complement their unique image with different accessories. In addition to hairpins, bandanas, and headbands, girls still love to collect long sections of hair in their original ponytails. The shaving elements of some areas of the head are also a patronized trend of young avant-garde artists. You can shave the occipital region, temples, or directly one side of the head.

Haircuts have their varieties. Consider them.

Torn classic “bomb”
This version of the hairstyle involves the use of a razor but is carried out by a blunt cut. The principal role is played by high-quality milling of hair to achieve the effect of unevenness and “raggedness”. Carelessness and randomness of the ends of the hair – a successful result of the work of the master

This variety of hairstyles takes as a basis a short “bean”. The hair length is not more than 15-17 cm. The principle of execution coincides with the previous version of the haircut, except for the uniformity of the strands that go out over the entire head of different lengths.There is no template design – each hairstyle in this style is a unique masterpiece.                                                                                                                      But fashion, as always, continues to amaze. Today, in addition to the two options described, there are many other variations of the “tomboy” haircut: you can add caret elements and lengthen strands, fantasize with bangs, play with coloring and use different accessories to achieve the desired result. In this way, an individual image is created: for someone in a retro style, for others – with romantic shades of femininity.



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