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A-Line Bob Haircuts in 2022

The star haircut of 2022 is perfect for styling your face and is called the A-Line bob. Here we tell you how to ask your stylist and in what versions to wear it to succeed with it.

chubby face a line haircut inverted bob stacked a line haircut

If you were thinking of getting a new haircut, we have the best option that will make the most of your features and make you look more stylized: the A-Line bob.

Yes! This style imposed on catwalks, celebrities, and networks is placed among the most impressive of the coming months, and then we reveal its characteristics so you know if it is for you and several ways to adapt it to your style!

A-Line Bob Haircut: The Classic Bob, but Reinvented

This haircut is not something new or newly discovered. It is the classic bob but with a more defined angle, which is short in the back and longer in the front so that its length gradually grows until it forms an “A” on the contours of the face.

2022 hair trends female shoulder length hair layered a line haircut short bob hairstyles

What kind of faces does the A-Line bob look good on?

Round faces look great with the A-Line bob, as it conceals the cheeks and creates a slimming effect on the face. Similarly, square faces are favored with these angles, especially if the ends are combed inwards.

Of course, the classic A-Line bob is not the most recommended for diamond or heart faces because it thins the sharp chin too much, but in these cases, you can bet on an A-Line bob with wavy or paraded ends to compensate for balancing the factions.

shoulder length long bob haircut medium length a line haircut funky inverted bob

Sleek bob A-Line

Considered the favorite bob of 2022, this A-Line bob is the same as the classic we already mentioned, but at collarbone height and completely straight, shiny, and impeccable, as if it were glass hair. Wear it mid-line and with no bangs so your face looks effortlessly clean and streamlined.

fine hair a-line bob short a line bob chubby face long bob haircuts

Textured A-Line Bob

Contrary to the previous one, this bob is much more casual and shows off the natural texture of the hair at its best, as dictated by the hair trends of 2022. It can be layered to give it a much more body and volume look and is ideal for all kinds of faces!

bob haircut 2022 layered bob medium length a line bob

A-Line Bob with Fringe

It’s nothing more than the traditional A-Line bob, but with on-trend bangs to frame the eyes (and disguise a large forehead if you need to). That’s all! Choose fringes with straight edges, baby bangs, or paraded ends to succeed as a true celeb.

funky short stacked bob long bob haircut

Micro bob A-Line

If there is a new short haircut you must try this year, it is this micro version of the A-Line bob which is like a pixie, but Parisian and high couture with longer front sides and no volume on top of the hair. head. Your best inspiration to get it: Coco Rocha!

stacked short a line bob

Bob A-Line curly

And to end with the best news, let us tell you that girls with wavy, curly, and afro hair can also jump on this trend. They just have to respect the shape of “A” and control the volume of their hair to look on point.

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