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Androgynous Haircuts for Women in 2022

Androgynous haircuts are growing in popularity these days. Pioneered by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, this style appeals to many who want to make a statement that embraces the strength of masculinity with a feminine twist.

Others may request this cut to break gender norms and expectations in the current political climate.

What are androgynous haircuts?

Androgyny is a recently popularized term that may spark interest in some and confusion in others. Simply put, it’s a gender-neutral approach to things like clothing and hair. Androgynous haircuts are popular with those who proclaim gender fluidity.

Pixie Cut with a Taper Fade

This androgynous pixie cut is sassy and straightforward, ​​ideal for women with straight hair. A soft gradient fade adds style without understanding the simplicity of the style. This is a solution for those who want to reduce their time in front of the mirror with a low-maintenance style.

androgynous haircuts for chubby faces

Androgynous Punk Cut With Lines

Try a longer length at the crown with layered bangs for girls who want a more textured cut. Warm a light wax between your hands and gently shake the hair with your fingers to texturize. Shaving a few horizontal lines in front of the ear is a common trend that modernizes the look.

tomboy short fluffy haircuts

Dirty Blonde Crop Cut

Concentrating the length of the hair towards the bangs helps to disguise a more prominent forehead. Plus, highlighting your charges helps draw attention away from unwanted areas. Those with smaller foreheads may choose to have longer fringes as they can style the hair on the side or push it back.

non binary haircuts for round faces

Ashy Brown Spiky Pixie

This long unisex haircut leans more towards the feminine side with an even length. If you’ve already taken the dip and done a buzz on the sides, massage castor oil into those areas to maintain a similar size throughout your head.

medium tomboy haircuts

Glacial Androgynous Blonde Undercut Cut

Androgynous short haircuts have many contrasting and styled layering and length variations throughout the head, leading to many options for many different personalities. There is an androgynous cut for everyone.

round face androgynous haircuts

Platinum Tipped Cut with Messy Layers

Curly hair may have an affinity for longer cuts like this one, as the curls will be more prominent and defined. Make sure your hair stays hydrated by using oil treatments, deep conditioners, and leave-in products with ingredients like aloe vera to enhance the circle further.

tomboy female fade haircut

Smooth Side Swept Shave Cut

A woman’s thin haircut should have the right texture and layers to maximize volume. As fine hair tends to fall flat, blow-drying with a round brush to the side creates the illusion of more height.

gender neutral haircuts

Classic textured pompom

This photo is a perfect example of androgynous haircuts for thick hair. It is styled upright, as denser hair stands up at a shorter length. A side part may not work for this texture and cut due to the voluminousness of the style.

curly androgynous haircuts

Gender-Neutral Slicked Quiff

The quiff originated in the 1950s, popularized by celebrities like Elvis and James Dean. This inherently masculine hairstyle was adopted by many women in the 1970s, and even more so today. Using an alcohol-based hairspray instead of a gel or pomade can allow for more height, as the others have the potential to weigh down your strands.

masculine haircuts

Pastel Mid Fade Crew Cut

A mini mohawk is more understated and wearable than its dramatic punk sibling. Bleaching to an icy blonde or adding colors like neons or pastels provides a goth edge. Shaved cuts, as shown in the photo, give more focus to the features of the face.

non binary haircuts

Midnight Brown Textured Top with Buzzed Sides

Retro hipsters are the inspiration for many androgynous hairstyles. This style embraces polished ruggedness, often paired with sixties-inspired sunglasses and an oversized denim jacket. To add femininity, include a discreet pair of earrings and a light pink lip gloss.

tomboy haircuts for girls

Hard Part Combed Pom

A fashionable technique employed by barbers is the “hard part,” a thin line is carved on the side of the head where the part is desired. This gives more definition and interest; however, it can be limiting as hair can only be styled to one side.

androgynous pixie cut with bangs

Pixie cut with a silky texture

British actress Audrey Hepburn pioneered the crop cut in the 1950s. This delicate cutting method isn’t quite as feminine as a mid-back length cut, but it can easily be paired with bold lashes, a red lip, and a winged lining to appear feminine.

androgynous hair

Spiky Windswept Fringe with Copper Highlights

Coppery brown highlights in a masculine cut add balance. Take care of your color with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and minimize exposure to heat. Androgynous haircuts for round faces, like this one, should be cut wider to compensate for the wide cheeks.

medium androgynous haircuts

Blonde and White Layered Haircut with Loose Hair

A textured pixie is elevated by a bold color choice like this cool-toned silver blonde. Although this haircut is low maintenance, a platinum color is not and should be maintained consistently with a purple shampoo.

androgynous edgy short pixie cuts

Long Gray Mohawk with Mullet

Androgynous haircuts for long hair are more difficult to pull off because long hair is classically feminine. A buzzed side, mestizo hairstyle, or extended mohawk may suffice for a more gender-fluid feel.

unisex pixie cut

Long Punk-Inspired Comb-Over

Non-gender-specific haircuts are not without the effort required to achieve healthy and shiny hair. Use the shortcut to your advantage – short styles are healthier as split ends are eliminated by trimming at four to six-week intervals. More specific types also require less heat and take minor damage.

short tomboy androgynous haircuts

Windswept Chocolate Brown Faux Goshawk

You can request a traditional men’s cut at a trusted barber to adopt an androgynous style. Change your clothes or makeup to push your look toward either end of the gender spectrum.

pixie cut

Retro Curly Bangs Cut

Curls and waves are a highly sought-after hairstyle, even in gender-neutral haircuts. For women with straight hair, use a wand between a half and an inch long, and wrap the hair towards the crown. Then finish the hair with a light pomade or wax. Avoid water-based styling products that can flatten curls.

tomboy haircuts

The Sleek Comb Side Part

The 1950s greasers made the back hairstyle all the rage. Many have embraced this look and incorporated a modern twist. To achieve a smooth, wet texture, they soak the hair, comb it to the desired part, and set it with a gel.

undercut short androgynous haircuts

Androgynous haircuts are suitable for almost everyone, men or women. Requesting an appointment with a barber or haircut specialist guarantees the best result. To get your preferred look, go to the salon with a photo to show the artist. With consistent hair care like regular cuts, professional products, and expert guidance, your androgynous look will be timeless.


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