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15 Auburn Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Haircuts

The hair of a southern woman is a crown that she never takes off; and any lady worthy of her salt does not agree to a dull, dull crown. That’s why when our mane begins to feel awkward or dull, we know that it is time to refresh things with some key points. Brown hair with bright blond hair will allow you to get the best of both worlds thanks to the rich base of brown and sun-dyed blonde shades. Not to mention the fact that the possibilities of choosing the perfect bright highlights with a shade of brown hair that match your tone and personality are unlimited.

Cool ashy brown tones require ice and beige blondes, and warm chestnut brown longings crave oily and honey blondes. Master the pale brown look, combining a rich tortoiseshell mixture of chocolate, chestnut, caramel, and honey; or if you think blondes are more fun, look for an envious mix of creamy soda beige brown with warm gold.

All that you are looking for – or do not yet know what you need! – can be found in this gorgeous brown hair with blond hair ideas. We have options: short and long, light and dark, traditional highlights and balayage, and everything in between. Get ready to bring one of these looks to the hairdresser during your next visit.

Copper balayage on brown hair short Copper balayage on brown hair Auburn balayage on brown hair

We are sure that almost every one of us has heard and tested a balayage, which today is one of the most popular hairs dyeing techniques. This approach is remarkable in that it does not require frequent visits to the hairdressing salon to update and, without a doubt, can make hair many times more beautiful, looking a fresh, modern look. Besides, balayage is the No. 1 technique to give hair volume and structure. Isn’t this what we often want the most? We already shared the ideas of balayage for all shades of hair:

If you are the owner of red hair or are just going to become her, we have 15 great ideas with a balayage for you. Everything will depend on your primary color – how dark or light, cold or hot. Copper, caramel, pink, or platinum highlights will make your hair more radiant and bright. It remains only to look and decide!

Auburn copper balayage short hair shoulder length

Auburn copper balayage short hair

Auburn Copper Balayage shoulder length Brown to copper ombre short hair Caramel auburn balayage short hair

Balayage, imitating natural highlights, looks as if your hair is not dyed at all, but simply shimmers in the light and shines. This type of dyeing is suitable for those girls who do not want to radically change their hair color but wish to make their hair more spectacular.

Toffee and caramel! Reddish shades that smoothly turn into a dark color on the top of the head are one of the most fashionable trends of the season. Caramel balayage looks best on dark hair, so this is your advantage. It can be very restrained, or it can go off in a bright red tint. You just have to decide whether to simply refresh the ends of the hair, or make caramel highlights along the entire length.

Who better than brunettes to experiment with red, cherry, or even pink? The good news is that in the summer of 2016, these vibrant shades are really in fashion. It is in the balayage technique that red will not look too defiant – make it only on a part of the strands or highlight the ends of the hair. With this idea for balayage on dark hair, you will be the brightest!

Caramel balayage short hair Caramel copper balayage short hair Chestnut auburn balayage

Auburn balayage bob Shoulder length auburn balayage short hair Auburn balayage short hair


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