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20 Blue Short Hair Colors for Women 2021

Blue hair color is much more popular than green hair, even though both of these scales are considered unnatural due to the impossibility of natural origin. And, nevertheless, a deep dark blue color for a girl looks much nobler and more natural than shades of dark emerald and, all the more, light and bright tones of green.

And this is not surprising, because such shades as navy, with which we often associate the color scheme of officer blazers with gold buttons, or “midnight blue”, almost always look incredibly noble both on long hair and on a perky short haircut.

If you are brave enough to enter the image of a new gothic diva for a while, whose hair is in harmony with fashionable blazers or the color of the night sky, then you should familiarize yourself with the features of your future image that you can both like and choose favor of any other shade for hair.

light blue hair

Dark blue hair may work for you if you have dark brown eyes and naturally dark blond hair. This is a “contrasting winter” or “Italian winter” color type that always accepts deep shades of blue and purple well for clothing and makeup.

You can try on brighter shades of blue if you have gray or blue eyes, such as royal, azure, luscious sapphire. This hair color goes well with pale skin and makes the eye color even brighter and more expressive.

Here are 20 photos of girls with blue hair that can inspire you to make further changes.

blue short hair blue black short hair dark blue and black short hair dark blue black short hair dark blue hair galaxy blue and short hair icy blue ombre short hair icy blue blue ombre short hair mermaid blue ombre hair short midnight blue black to blue ombre short hair midnight blue black to blue short hair royal blue blue ombre short pixie hair royal blue blue ombre short hair short dark blue hairshort dark blue to light blue hair short hair with blue short light blue hair shoulder length dark short blue hair shoulder length short blue hair


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