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Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair in 2022

Not every woman can boast of thick hair. If you have naturally thick curls, then you are very lucky, and you can choose almost any haircut. Thanks to this structure, each haircut will keep its shape for a long time without various styling products.

low maintenance thick hair short bob haircuts

The most popular haircut, which is ideal for thick hair, is considered an incomparable bob. In the material, we will show which bob options are best for thick curls, and also talk about the advantages of a haircut.

choppy layered bob for thick hair low maintenance bob haircuts for thick hair

Benefits of bob for thick hair

Bob haircut is the most popular among women all over the planet. She is chosen by daring beauties, famous stars, and rich businesswomen. The haircut was loved for a large number of advantages, we note some of them:

  • The haircut has no age restrictions, it will ideally complement the image of a lady over 50 years old, and a girl of 20 years old;
  • The shape of the bean masks the defects of the face;
  • A hairstyle rejuvenates a lady;
  • Thick curls look lighter and also become obedient;
  • Allows you to experiment with hairstyles;
  • A short nape reveals a seductive neck, and elongated strands create an intriguing image of a fashionista.

low maintenance choppy short hairstyles for thick hair chubby face short thick hair

Layered bob for thick hair

Bob on thick hair in a layered technique will allow you to give the shape a little boldness. Such a hairstyle does not need to be styled for a long time, thanks to thick curls and layering, the strands will lie in the right, chaotic and attractive direction.

thick hair low maintenance mid length hairstyles thick hair pixie short haircuts

Short bob for thick hair

This year’s trend is the short bob. On thick curls, a short bob looks stunning, which is why many young girls most often choose it. By the way, despite the short length with a haircut, you can perform a large number of different hairstyles and styling.

thick hair shoulder length bob inverted bob

Ripped bob on thick hair

Torn technology allows each haircut to give a special luxury and chic. A lady with thick hair who chooses a torn bob will be able to radically change her image. The haircut is suitable for short and medium curls, as well as for wavy and straight strands.

haircuts for thick hair

Bob’s haircut suits almost every woman. The versatility of the haircut allows the lady to change her image and give it seductiveness, audacity, and incredible attractiveness. On thick hair, a bob haircut can be completed in any variant, and this makes it possible to choose a haircut for the individual parameters of a lady.

Bob layers for thick hair

Light uneven layers give the standard bob a bold and modern update. Again, layers work especially well on short, thick hair. This hairstyle looks perfect with minimal styling, let the layers speak for themselves.

low maintenance bob for thick wavy hair

Short bob for thick hair

The short bob is incredibly trendy right now, and it’s easy to see why. This is a classic, modern, daring yet simple haircut that will never go out of style. They say that short hair has few styling options, but a short bob can be worn in many ways: textured waves, sleek and elegant, tied in a short ponytail, braided, or even in a bun.

frizzy thick wavy hair

Textured bob for thick hair

It is very easy to create texture with thick hair. A bob with texture will look casual and gorgeous at the same time. Simply add a volumizing or textured spray to your roots and run your hands through your hair. This cut looks great on straight or wavy hair, but we love textured beachy waves.

edgy choppy bob

Ripped bob for thick hair

The soft layers will create a unique texture which means that the ripped bob will work well with your thick hair. This style is suitable for a long or short bob and will look good wavy or sleek. We love the ripped bob with soft bangs framing the face.

thick hair short bob haircuts

Bob undercut for thick hair

Bob undercut means that you can have a rocker hairstyle, but with some length and volume. Style with a side part to accentuate the undercut with volume at the top, cascading down, and on the sides.

choppy short hairstyles for thick hair

Straight bob for thick hair

Straight cuts tend to make the hair appear thicker, so you may prefer to profile your hair. This doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a straight bob. In fact, with light thinning, your hair is perfect for him and only requires minimal styling to achieve a relaxed model look.

thick hair short haircuts

Inverted bob for thick hair

The inverted bob minimizes styling time as it is already cut into a no-styling shape. Length in front and short hair in back for thick hair work like layers. This haircut looks good even and visually stretches the face, or you can make relaxed curls for extra volume.

long bob haircut for thick hair

Long geometric bob for thick hair

The different lengths are ideal for thick hair, minimizing tangles and creating a more relaxed look. With all this, a geometric bob is a very bright hairstyle for women with thick hair. Especially it goes to women with rounded full faces. But women with narrower faces can also wear this hairstyle, especially in a longer version.

bob haircut for wavy hair

Slicked back long bob for thick hair

Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and others often wear the bob slicked back. Thick hair with some length means you don’t have to worry about it being too slick. Rather, it will look voluminous and ready for the red carpet.

Hair highlighting

Long bob with bangs for thick hair

Straight bangs are practically made for girls with thick hair. They are cute, but daring and sophisticated at the same time, like a long bob. Leave the bangs straight and style the rest of your hair however you like, straight, messy, and wavy, or with big bouncy curls.

short haircuts thick coarse hair


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