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10 Flattering Bob Hairstyles for Black Women for 2021

For those who have thin hair that requires volume, a short bob-bob is best suited, emphasizing sexuality, femininity, and beauty. A good volume will be achieved using various bob cutting techniques: graduation, layering. A short bob haircut is ideal for an oval face, but with curly hair, you need to be careful.

If you add the geometry of a bob haircut to the bob, a technique will come out in which different types of bangs and different hair lengths are combined. Elongated curls in the front and a lush nape will add youthful flair to you. Multi-layered bob-caret corrects facial features, creating a harmony of the image. An asymmetrical bob emphasizes the beauty of your neck, and also helps to hide the flaws in your appearance. If you successfully choose the master, you will not have to spend extra time on styling,

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Bob cut is a universal option for medium length hair. Medium-length hair looks more well-groomed, you can also periodically change your image. For a round face, longer strands on the sides are recommended. Oblique bangs with a sharp cut will visually reduce your face.

It is mistakenly believed that women after 40 only go for short haircuts. Previously, it was believed that an elongated bob-square is suitable only for short-haired beauties, however, modern stylists have refuted this opinion and offer a very large selection of different haircut models for hair at shoulder level and below.

Long bob-bob is a variety of styling, the hairstyle can be changed depending on your mood. Strands can be of the same length or asymmetrical, which will emphasize your elegance.


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