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20 Easy Hairdos for Women with Short Hair in 2022

Short hairstyles are gaining popularity every day. Girls are increasingly abandoning long hair because of the need to spend a lot of time and additional funds for care. In addition, short hair maintains its volume and shape better, which cannot be said about long curls, and the ends splitless, because all the nutrients are more easily distributed along the length to the shoulders.

If you think that short hairstyles look pretty monotonous, then you are deeply mistaken. There are many ways to style such short haircuts, and most of them are quite simple – you can easily make them yourself. In just a few minutes, you can create a unique fashionable image for any event and celebration, or make an office styling option for a business meeting. If you dream of a more complex styling, consisting of several elements and various techniques, then it is better to seek help from a professional hairdresser.

And, of course, do not forget about the correctly selected bangs: it will give expressiveness to your image, emphasize the dignity of your face and hide its flaws.

shoulder length short hair thick hair short haircuts 2021 thick hair short haircuts

Stylists’ recommendations for choosing an evening hairstyle for short hair

The variety of styling will allow owners of short stylish haircuts to easily choose a hairstyle for any occasion: from everyday office work to unusual solemn ones.

For dates and romantic dinners, curls or sleek, retro-style waves are perfect. For dinner with colleagues, make a stylish low ponytail (if the length allows) or style with weaving elements. A high hairstyle is suitable for a celebration, for example, an extraordinary stylish styling in the Greek style or a bun.

 A hairstyle for short hair with ribbons and other hair ornaments will also complement the feminine look. For an informal party, you can safely experiment with tails, braids, and curls, either separately or by combining these techniques. And do not forget about the bangs: oblique, straight, gathered – it will give the image additional charm and charm!

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What can be useful for styling short hair?

To create styling on short hair with bangs, you will need additional tools and tools.


  • hairdryer,
  • hairbrush,
  • iron,
  • curling iron,
  • curlers.

Styling products:

  • varnish,
  • foam,
  • mousse,
  • gel,
  • wax,
  • paste.

hairstyles 2021 female short hair styles 2021 short hair styles short hairstyles

Evening hairstyles for short hair

We are talking about the most beautiful hairstyles for short hair. For example, for a square and a cascade.

Retro style

vintage short hair 50's vintage short hairstyles bob vintage short hair

Styling in soft, retro waves will help you look stylish at any party. In order to style your hair in this way, you will need tongs, a heat-styling product, and hairpins or clips, you can also use curlers.

  1. Apply a styling product to clean, dry hair, comb your hair.
  2. Part deeply all the way to the back of your head.
  3. Take the first strand near your forehead and wrap it up.
  4. Lay the strand in a smooth wave and secure it with a clip.
  5. Lay the rest of the strands in the same way along the parting, securing with clamps.
  6. After the hair has cooled down, you can remove the clamps and fix the resulting styling with varnish.

Weaves and braids

weaves and braids 2020 weaves and braids 2021

Braiding looks great on hair of any length, giving freshness and originality to the hairstyle. The braid can be braided from the side or from the front using bangs. Lay the remaining hair to one side or comb it.

You will need patience and some styling products to fix the hairstyle for short hair.


how to curl very short hair korean short hair curls wavy curl short hair

Curls give the girl attractiveness and femininity. In this case, the length of the hair does not matter. To make such a hairstyle for short hair, you can wind it up to yourself in any way convenient for you, using curlers or curling iron.


easy greek hairstyles ancient greek hairstyles

The collected romantic styling in the Greek style will complement the delicate look. Most often, such a light hairstyle for short hair is created for weddings and special occasions, using additional tools: ribbons, tiaras, beautiful headbands. Various techniques are also being introduced: twisting curls into bundles, bunches, fleece, using rollers.

The styling looks great both on and asymmetric ladder haircut and on an even bob haircut.

The easiest way to style Greek hairstyles for short hair with bangs:

  1. Comb your hair, separate two strands: one closer to the forehead, the other at the temple, and weave them into a bundle.
  2. Add a couple more strands in turn and twist the tourniquet towards the inside.
  3. Fix the resulting roller of curls with invisible ones.
  4. Attach a strand from the bottom of the hair to the end of the bundle, twist inward, and secure with hairpins.
  5. Make the same plait from the hair on the other side of the head in a similar pattern.
  6. Gather the hair at the back in a bun and secure it with hairpins.

Short bob hairstyle ideas for a bob with oblique bangs

We will tell you what styling should be chosen by the owners of this fashionable hairstyle for short hair.

Comb back

messy slick back hair female ponytail slicked back hairstyles female sleek slick back hair female

The most common style of styling with which you can see Hollywood stars on the red carpet in chic dresses.

It is easy to do with the help of fixing products and a comb. Treat clean hair with a strong hold gel, comb the hair back beautifully. Such a hairstyle for short hair should be smooth, without protruding strands and ends.


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