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20 Emma Watson Pixie Cuts for 2022

A lot of time has passed since the filming of the first Harry Potter film, and from an angular Hermione with fluffy hair, the actress has turned into a style icon. One of the many reasons for this title of Emma Watson is hair.

Emma Watson’s haircut and hairstyles have changed with age, a new role, and mood. From a very young age, the actress was not afraid to experiment with her appearance and vary her hair’s length and color. And all because, according to the actress herself, during the filming of the Potter under the contract, she was strictly forbidden to do anything with her hair. Therefore, in her free time from filming, Emma set up experiments, which, by the way, were usually successful.

The charm of some celebrities makes you think about self-improvement. Do not think that it is easy for them – not at all, all beauty is the fruit of hard work, which the stars do every day.

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We should not hang our noses because our idols are nothing more than just people, but as it is written in one great book: “What one person can, so can another.”

Everything is straightforward, and you only need to receive helpful information for its further application in your life. The world of actors and actresses has always attracted attention. It shines with glitter, which is especially noticeable when the stars come together – they are beautiful and elegant at any time of the day or night. Today’s heroine, the performer of the role of a young sorceress in the already become cult tape about Harry Potter, Emma Watson.

We met her when she was very young, and already at that time, it was noticeable how beautiful she would become after a few years. In fact, you will not find anything extraordinary in her appearance – this is a familiar face with its pluses and minuses. Still, thanks to this very simplicity and uncomplicatedness, Emma received the recognition of millions of viewers worldwide.

Emma watson 2022 pixie haircut Emma watson pixie cut 2022 Emma Watson Short Hair Perks of Being a Wallflower

Accustomed to seeing her with long wavy curls, it was a little strange to contemplate the short haircut that adorned the actress’s head at one of the social events.

In the future, we will notice that this image came to the girl’s taste, becoming the main one. Miss Watson ultimately refused to return the vegetation to fans’ displeasure, firmly stating that she is also a person. In her free time, she is not going to adapt to the opinions of others – this is the right decision for her.

Time passed, and habits that stepped back a couple of steps made it possible to examine the girl’s appearance more objectively. To our surprise, he turned out to be not so bad and completely honest, very good. Yes, this is not that cute sorceress from everyone’s favorite fairy tale. Still, she is quite an independent and attractive girl who wants to develop as a person.

Emma wears ultra-short hair, combing them to the side. Unlike many ladies who have chosen this style, the celebrity does not look rude – here, both the young age helps and the rather delicate facial features. Whatever one may say, but to say that this image does not suit her is impossible.


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