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20 Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

There will never be a better time to play with hair color. It seems that all the rainbow colors have their days in the sun but are not as widespread as purple hair. Whether it’s long and sleek or short and wavy, purple tresses are everywhere.

Purple, like hair color, pairs nicely with chocolate brown and can liven up a light golden look. If you want a more sophisticated color scheme, use a purple hue by adding it to your natural hair color. You can mix them with highlights in other shades. Purple looks beautiful with burgundy, fuchsia, blue, and teal (blue-green).

1. Silvery Dream

Make your hair shine like a diamond. Try a purple blonde shade with silver hues or highlights, and you’ll be like a goddess.

pastel purple hair dye


2. Bright purple wefts

Indulge in purple hair and highlight it the right way, transforming it into beautiful beach waves. It will add a soft, feminine touch that is irresistible.

short purple ombre hair


3. Thick plum curls

Purple hair shouldn’t follow the path of Krayola. Try a toned-down, deeper version. Rich plum hair is best for those who want to avoid being too flashy.

galaxy purple ombre hair


4. Mixed violet

A well-blended purple ombre will get you classy in no time. Go for browns and purples with a matte, ash finish for a chic effect. With hair like this, you will be the center of attention.

light puple ombre hair


5. 50 shades of purple

If you’re torn between which purple hair shade to choose, stop racking your brain and choose every shade you can think of. Add shimmer by mixing bright neon purples with soft, ash lilacs. Your hair will have a personality and character that cannot be overlooked.

mermaid purple ombre hair


6. Long purple ombre

Go for a two-tone purple ombre that combines a vibrant, base purple and berry purple. Two shades add dynamics and volume to your look.

lavender purple ombre hair


7. Eggplant

Eggplant is an amazing color. He is brave, self-confident, self-sufficient, and somewhat rebellious somewhere. When you add it to your palette, people will immediately notify you and will not be able to look away. Eggplant hair color turns every woman into a hot coquette. This stunning model is best suited for those with dark and olive skin tones. If you have a fair skin tone and want to try eggplant, add a warm plum.

short dark purple hair


8. Black, blue, and purple

Tired of your boring, familiar black hair and don’t know what to do with it? You can give them a blue and purple heal with a mixed ombre look.

dark purple ombre hair


9. Purple balayage

The perfectly braided purple-black hair color makes a daring challenge. Create a gradient by either sticking to your naturally dark roots or coloring them brown. Then blend the bright purple hair color into the hair, starting just below the crown of the head.

purple ombre hair


10. Purple step

The neon lilac look is incredibly gorgeous but not the easiest to achieve, especially for people with dark hair. Thanks to an experienced colorist and color products, this vibrant look is fully accessible.

lavender hair


11. Reflections of amethyst

Preciously toned and muted highlights will make your hair shine and shine like nothing else. Try a double-tone effect that blends two shades of purple hair. The results are dazzling.

ombre purple hair ideas


12. Beautiful berry hair

Boysenberries, blueberries, and raspberries are all kinds of delicious berries. They also become even more delicious hair dyes. Create a fruity cocktail with your hair and combine all three for an accentuated look that will make you look amazing.

dark purple hair


13. A neon dream machine

Go for a look that is striking in a good way and includes two shades of purple. Start with a brighter shade at the top and work up to a pinkish purple at the bottom.

plum dark purple hair


14. Indigo

Dark purple hair is about as vibrant as anything, and you don’t need long layered curls to make the effect work. Try purple highlights in your trendy hair and show everyone how you live on the edge of style.

pastel purple hair


15. Big braided hairstyle

Who said weaves should be buns or intricate chignons? Add some flair to this vibrant light purple hair by creating a large, thick Dutch braid down the center of the hair. Make sure it is loose and voluminous to make it look more modern.

short purple hair


16. Lovely purple curls

The crazy swirling curls have to stand out, so why not go the extra mile and dye them in a hot shade of purple? This grape tree color will add a cool funky touch to your luscious curls. Just make sure you keep your hair moist with moisturizers, as purple dye and hair can dry out.

lavender purple hair ideas


17. Silky purple waves

Don’t you feel the bright purple look? Try a subtle purple-brown color that looks almost natural. Don’t worry; the hint of purple is still prominent enough to show your adventurous side.

brown purple ombre hair


18. Plum purple

Keep your purple hair in the chicest shapes to match your style. Half braided hairstyles are perfect as they look complex without being complex at all.

light purple hair


19. Light, bright, and purple

Move on to the final look with a cool purple tone. The icy lilac hue will stand out and contrast well with the rich purple roots.

dark purple hair color


20. Purple highlights on black hair

If you have black hair and want to try something cool, fun, and different from the old color but aren’t ready for a complete change yet, purple is the color for you. You can use any purple shade in just about any style, and everything will look classy. Purple highlights on black hair shimmer amazingly in the sun.

red purple hair


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