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15 Gray Pixie Cuts for Women in 2022

Short haircuts are modern, youthful, and comfortable. It helps you look younger. Such a haircut is faster to style. If there is no volume, this is salvation. Cut it short – and order. And in summer it is not so hot. There are three basic haircuts: bob, square, and pixie. But each has a lot of variations, so the boundaries are very blurred. Pixie introduced Audrey Hepburn into fashion, and she does not come out of there. Playful, slightly boyish, but at the same time feminine. Will suit every hair type, decorate a round and square face.

A long oblique on one or two sides will add ovality to a round and square face. The short one is the choice of daring and decisive. It will surely drive away from the “gray mouse.” They will notice with her, but they may not appreciate it. This is not for everyone.

Silver gray pixie cut Curly gray pixie cut Dark gray pixie cut

The bob is also styled for each type of hair. The bob is short, ultra-short, and elongated. A distinctive feature is that the hair is cut evenly along the entire length, forming a clear edge. The hairstyle fits on straight and wavy, even curly hair. If additional volume is needed, the square is graduated and sheared in layers or a ladder. And it turns out a bob. And if you want both longer and shorter, make an asymmetrical bob or bob. To adopt a haircut to a specific face, the master will help you choose the right bangs. A long straight line will hide the heavy forehead and, if necessary, cover the eyebrows.

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